Funeral Memorial Services


Funeral & Memorial Videography

Is a way of sharing the service of a loved one with friends and family anywhere in the world.
We film the Funeral or Memorial Service with two cameras.  This is edited together
to create the DVD of your service.

Tasha Mary also takes photos of the service which you receive on USB.

Funeral or Memorial Slideshow

We are here to guide and support you through this difficult process. With our expertise and intuitive professional perspective we ensure your choice of a funeral memorial slideshow will be a true and genuine representation of your loved one.

Funeral Photography

Photography of Service

We offer a professional and discreet Funeral Memorial Photography service for you, your family and friends. You may require this service at the home of your loved one or at the funeral or memorial service for your loved one.

I referred a family to Tasteful Transitions, a family facing the tragic loss of their son and brother. When I arrived at the ceremony Michelle and Tasha were set up and ready to go. The whole time they worked at the ceremony, you knew they were capturing the essence of the man being farewelled, plus aiming to encapsulate the emotion and sentiment  being expressed.   Then to look at the online product, a seven minute snapshot of live music, photos, video and words I couldn't be more impressed. Professional in service, empathic, reflective and appropriate. If you want more than your money's worth of quality memories forever, then have a chat to Michelle or Tasha at Tasteful Transitions. Bruce Read more