You want a memory that will

last much longer than the flowers.

Who we are and
What we do

Funeral Slideshows

We assist with the daunting job of sorting the photos from near and distant family and friends at a time when you are feeling overwhelmed by the whole process. We work efficiently within the time constraints to produce a tasteful, respectful and true representation of your loved one that will work at your venue on the day.

We come to your home and we listen to the stories while we arrange the photos to tell the story of a life well lived. We want to know who they are, how they lived, what gave them joy and inspiration and all the important events that helped shape their lives. We want to tell their story as you know them and their life.

Video and Live Stream

We are all diverse and unique. This is evidenced by the great variety of tributes we have participated in when videoing and live streaming services for families. We pride ourselves on our capacity to meet and accommodate your needs at this time and provide you with a living memory that best describes your loved one and their relationship with you and their world. We want them to be remembered as you remember them.

We have specialties and fields of expertise

Tasha Mary has

many years experience in the photography industry both as a photographer and as an artist. In recent years she has developed a passion and a skill for using photos as a tool for evoking memory and feeling.


For many years Michelle

has utilised the healing power of documenting the processes surrounding grief and loss. Her particular passion has been involved in chronicling photos and telling the stories of people’s lives through video.


Tasha has moved

her passion into the realm of adding photos to familiar mementos where the combination gives rise to another sense of time, place and an even deeper connection with person for the viewer.


Michelle has a strong

intuitive understanding of people and a compassionate response to their needs at this very difficult time. This is evident in her approach to videoing a service for a family where she is able to notice and capture many of the nuances during interactions that may otherwise be lost on the day.

Our Story

We do this for the love of the story and the creative process involved. We attended the funeral of an elderly neighbour four years ago and were saddened by the limited visual representation of such a colorful and interesting man. We were later to learn that no one really knew what photos to put in, how to put them together and how to match up the music. We decided everyone deserved more for their final farewell, and this has been our mission, to offer the ultimate in photographic tributes to honor the lives of the people you love. We also discovered there were family in other parts of the country who could not attend, people who had been an important part of his life, but were elderly and unable to travel. Connection and presence of family and friends became our goal and our commitment.

Tasha & Michelle

We’re Adaptable

We have photographed, filmed and / or live streamed horse drawn hearses; motorcycle hearses; mac truck hearses; a twenty-one dove release; graveside hakas; police escorts; motorcycle escorts; big rig escorts; fire truck escorts; a soldiers re-internment; full military funerals; a drumming memorial; orthodox funerals; a chief having a service at home; viewings that lasted minutes or hours full of laughter and tears; interviews at wakes; people delivering their own eulogy; 4th of July shots; in churches, chapels, on beaches, by a lake, in clubs, pubs and over a fire pit; at schools; in private homes; in local community halls; wherever your loved one felt most comfortable.


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Tasha and Michelle work well together as they ensure different aspects of the families needs are meet.

  • Natasha Mary
    Natasha Mary Photographer / Film Maker / Creative Director
  • Michelle Benton
    Michelle Benton Film Maker/ Business Director

Our Experience

We started our business after attending a friends funeral and watching the funeral slideshow. What we saw did not represent the life we knew. Since then we have worked with many funeral homes providing services that are new to the industry. Tasteful Transitions has spent the last 3 years developing our bespoke funeral slideshows, funeral photography and funeral live streaming & videoing.