Adrienne Woodland

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  • Pam

    We will miss Adrienne. She was a character, who was generous and kind.
    Five of us who met years ago whilst working at QUT Carseldine regularly met for lunch. Adrienne always bought a new dress for each occasion. After one wear she
    often didn’t like them and donated them to a good cause.
    A straight shooter, she wasnt backwards with her comments if she thought a particular colour or style didn’t suit you.
    What a hard worker, especially in recent years having to prepare 2 properties for sale and of course all had to be to her high standards.
    Adrienne we will miss you in so many ways, thanks for being a special friend.

  • Pam

    Karen, that was lovely, hope Mum approved.

  • David Woodland

    It’s a sad time. We have lost our much loved Adrienne. Adrienne was my little sister. I was 17 when she started school, so she always remained my “little sister”.
    Most people don’t know she was lucky to survive infancy. She had Pink Disease, a disease with a very high mortality rate. At the time the cause was unknown – an extreme susceptibility to mercury, which was present in small amounts in teething powders and only one in several hundred babies taking the medication was affected.

    Adrienne had a burden I believe she carried for the rest of her life – the loss of little Greg. We are not supposed to bury our children – just the reverse. But as the photographs show, there were also the good times
    Adrienne said to me not so long ago “Don’t you and Janette die on me”. Nobody would have guessed we were to lose her so soon and so suddenly.
    Adrienne WAS impulsive; little things ended up in a garage sale; big things like houses were more of a challenge; but I think she loved the challenge. Do them up to meet her exacting standards, sell them and start again. I bet that was her plan with her Bribie Is home. She was never idle, she had many talents. She achieved many things in life. So many plans dashed. How very sad. We all loved her, especially me. I will miss her very much.