Service for Alfred Webb

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  • Colin Hogarth

    Great job Nick very professional as always / short strong and to the point /

    your friend


  • Paul

    Good Afternoon David
    Thank you for the invitation to watch the Memorial
    It was great and brought back wonderful memories of you Dad and Mum
    The stories also jogged my memories of the both of them – very special
    Yes he was a gentle giant and a gentleman as was your Mum a beat special Lady
    I’m truly sorry I wasn’t able to be there as I new your Mum all my waking life and your Dad some 72 years from when Alf courted you Mum
    One of my early memories is a ride on your Dad’s miter bike I think I was about 4 years old at the time
    Thank you again David
    Stay safe and well
    Please say thank you to Nick also
    Best wishes
    Paul Carlson

  • Dear David, Nick and all the family …. we were so sorry we couldn’t attend Alf’s Memorial Service because of illness. Alf and Daph were very special people in our lives and we loved them both as we loved all the family. We just want you to know how special they were in our lives from when we met them in 1967 and we’re very grateful. Love to you all – Irene and Stuart