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  • Louise Davidson

    May you be enveloped in the blessings of grace, dear and precious soul, on your eternal journey with the divine. Forever cradled in the loving embrace of our Lord, May the love that emanates from your being serve as a comforting mantle for all souls as they enter this earthly realm through the sacred channel of birth. With deep reverence and boundless love, I pay homage to your soul, which perceives with unparalleled clarity and insight. In the boundless expanse of the spiritual sky, may you soar ever higher, embraced and cherished by our Traveler on this wondrous journey of existence.

  • Belinda Back

    Andrew played an important role in my introduction to MSIA life and the Traveler. I began going to his Friday night seminars soon after I joined MSIA, driving from Taringa to Strathpine after work, and often not getting home till midnight. He was passionate about MSIA and JR and the Traveler teachings and had so much to share about them and his experiences in the Light. He was infectious and it didn’t take too long before I became enthused too. I loved seminar night with Carolyn too. I learnt a lot and had many laughs. I am grateful to both Andrew and Carolyn for their hospitality and their love over the years. Andrew also had a very big ego which challenged me greatly at times but despite his quirks, that we all have, he had a deeply loving side which I experienced personally and especially when he officiated at my Ministerial blessing.
    Thank you Andrew for being you and the role you have played in my life..

    • Chrissie Young

      Dear Andrew, you truly have been a wonderful emissary of the Traveler ever since I first shared the mother/father dyad with you in our Insight 2 together 44 years ago in May. I’ve always admired and enjoyed your remarkable enthusiasm for your spiritual journey and will sincerely miss your bright, happy, giving, exuberant presence as you so beautifully demonstrated in that song you sang at the msia conference this year. May God Bless you and hold you tight forever more. Your friend in Christ,
      Chrissie Young

      • Stephen Fry

        Forever Young, even when it isn’t Chrissie thanks for sharing your love for the big boy! Om On St. John!

  • Marie Grant

    Andrew, I am so sad for Caroline. My heart is singing for you because but you were such a joy the weekend before you left us. I so, so enjoyed our time at Conference and you got a standing ovation for your song to The Traveller. You always were a shining light, an individual and a heartfelt man. You gave me my Ministerial Blessing and I thank you for your support. Continue to shine brightly my friend and I will look for you in the stars. Mari

  • Rosemary Ferris

    Dear beloved, Andrew,
    You will always have a special place in my heart as you opened a world of inner connection with Spirit for me.
    Way back in 1980, after my first Insight seminar, your Inner Sanctuary Workshop evenings (conducted with wife Linda) in your Bellevue Hill home in Sydney, led you both to invite me to my first MSIA seminar after the name, Melchizedek, came up in an inner process for me. This began my lifelong connection to John-Roger and the Movement of Inner Spiritual Awareness ( MSIA) for which I will always be eternally grateful!
    Thank you Andrew, for being a spiritual support for so many many years to so many, including me. I loved your charisma, your wisdom, your devotion to Spirit,, your beautiful devotional songs to the Travelers, your humour, and your sharing of valuable keys to maximise the spiritual opportunities available to us all at this time.

    Thank you Andrew and Carolyn for demonstrating the wonderful ways you worked together, validating information received on the inner levels and inspiring each other in your spiritual endeavours to always go higher!
    Dear beloved soul brother Andrew, your wisdom, your light, your soul stirring singing…. and inner mastery that promoted a wonderful and supreme self-confidence and expensive loving, will make you live forever in a treasured place in my soul Thank you beloved Andrew.

  • Jazel (Stapley)

    Dearest Andrew, though I haven’t seen you for a number of years I still remember your beautiful smile and that cheeky twinkle in your eyes. Spirit has called you home, your work here in this lifetime is done. Andrew gave me my last initiation and that was the last time I saw him as I was/am not living in Brisbane. He was still his loving, caring self; Andrew always had a positive loving energy flowing out of him whenever I saw him.

  • Mary Ann Downs

    Blessings on your soul journey, Andrew. To me, you demonstrated what J-R often said: “You are here to have joy and have it more abundantly”. Your joyful presence was always something I loved.
    Blessings to your dear Caroline.

  • Michele Gennoe

    Dearest Andrew,
    It was such a pleasure to see you again at MSIA Conference this year and to celebrate our many years of friendship. From the Blueprint Workshop days in the 90’s in Melbourne, your home seminars in Sydney in 2000’s, to your more recent thoughtful calls from Brisbane. You have been such an integral part of my MSIA and spiritual journey, I truly thank you.
    From your infectious laughter and loving heart to your endless stories about Insight and JR. Your boundless energy and enthusiasm for spreading the message about love and light, you are a true example of a Spiritual Warrior living in this world. We will miss your physical presence and send much love and hugs to Caroline for her loss.
    Much joy and blessings with your graduation to the other side, may your soul continue to live in the arms of the Traveller and shine on xxx

  • sarah collins

    Kia ora Andrew, sending you the biggest bear hugs Carolyn❤️
    Andrew, Khale and I feel blessed that we got the honour of you doing Khale’s baby blessing❤️ I’m so glad we had a good catch up after blessings fest You always had so many words of wisdom to share. Your stories always made me laugh
    Forever in our hearts dear Andrew, god bless your soul❤️

  • Elizabeth

    A Spiritual Warrior, so dedicated to the path of Soul Transendence. Many aspects to Andrew. Funny, loving, wise, knowledgable, wisdom , Crooner. I am wondering if he is already on the Light Stage singing to all the angels, masters, and the ONE.
    What a wonderful experience he set up before leaving us Singing to the Traveler, can’t get any bettet than that. You were certianly one of a kind darling man. We will miss that gorgeous smile and delightful laugh. A wonderful Light bearer on this planet and a tremendous battery for the Light

  • Dr Erika Yeates

    Andrew, you and I had deep connection due to our Hungarian heritage and I cannot recall any meeting that we ever had, where we didn’t laugh, sometimes quite raucously about the goings on in Spirit. And that’s what you held so strongly – the spirit , the light , the way ……..Your dedication to service was unparalleled and you did it joyfully and intentionally and touched the lives of many along the path. Your legacy of love, joy and wisdom pervades the community and will forever be remembered . Journey well through the realms of spirit knowing we are all connected at its source of unconditional loving

  • Wayne Pepper

    Love you dear one.

  • Garry Ferris

    Dear Andrew… were and are a lovable, mischievous and marvellous Master of Wit who will never be forgotten…..and I’ll always treasure the twinkle in your eyes, your all knowing smile and your delightful and beautiful chuckle that exuded such humour and inside knowledge about everyone and everything!
    We’ll miss you forever our universally adored Andrew.

    Sending huge love to dearest Carolyn in her loss of such a huge physical light presence!

  • Rudy Folden

    Dear Andrew,
    When I first met you at the bookstore on 2101 in LA, a voice sounded in my head that you were going to be my friend, and that came to pass. I loved our board games and the fun we had playing them. Later when you moved back to Australia, I really appreciated our online visits, keeping our friendship alive. I consider you to be my very best friend in this life.
    I will miss you dear friend but I know you are in a wonderful place.
    Much love.

  • Janice Crittenden

    Thank you Andrew for all of the wisdom, joy and laughter that you brought to the world. Much love Janice

  • Carol Thompson

    Thank you Andrew for your loving presence in my life through my MSIA connections when Tony Bessell took me to my first MSIA seminar back in 1992 after he was an assistant on my Insight II when I went on to Insight 4 in USA in 1993.
    You have been a bright loving Light shining your joy to us all. Thank you for your loving service.
    Fly high to your joyous loving Light you so holy deserve.
    God bless you Andrew.

  • Vic Vukovic

    Forever grateful for our friendship and the impact that you made in my life.
    I love you brother.
    Say hello to J.R for me.

  • Andrew Urbanski

    Andrew was one of the earliest people in MSIA in Australia. Such a Blessing!

  • Dawn White

    Thank HUUU dear Andrew for the Blessing of your presence + the Infinite Blessings of your presence Joy-Fully Celebrating in God’s divine Loving heart! The Blessings Truly Already Are!

  • theodora

    andrew sorry i could not make it am in hospital…riding hgh cowboy!! say hi to jesus – love u

  • Matthew VanFossan

    I knew you from a distance but like a bright star you made an impression on with your joyful devotion to the Traveler and your musical sharing at Aussie conferences. God bless you Andrew on your next great adventure into the heart of God!

  • Sothy Selvaratnam

    I will miss your presence in future gatherings of MSIA. I loved your insight, your warmth, your mischievous and cheeky smile, your joy and laughter. I was always amazed by your love and devotion towards God and the Traveler J-R (then John Morton). You have enriched this world and lives like mine, just by being who you are. Thank you. I can imagine you singing and having fun up there. I have no doubt that you are with J-R and on your way “Home”. May you be blessed all the way to the heart of God

  • Maree Thomas

    Dearest Andrew,
    What blessing you have been in my life. Such a demonstration of love and joy.You filled a room with your light. I was so grateful you agreed to MC at the conference and to assist on everything. You were such a presence supporting everyone in the background. Thank you for all you did.
    My heart goes out to Carolyn who I know she will be missing your physical presence with her.

  • Joan Parker

    Why was there never any mention of Andrew Nagy’s early life when married to my sister, Sylvia, Ilona’s mother? He was a mischievious soldier in the Aust. Army where we lived in Sydney. They then went to Singapore where he was posted. On returning to Aust. they went their separate ways and he apparently chose his preferred path. He and Ilona had very little contact for many years until she moved to N.S.W. from Perth. It’s as though that part of his life didn’t exist except in some of our memories. Oh well– farewell anyway Andrew, you left your mark and will be remembered.

    • Stephen Fry

      Andres sends his apologies, Joan! Those running the service knew little of his more distant past or even that he was Mr Nagy. No disrespect intended. It would have ben nice to have heard more from the multitude of perspectives from many more people that were touched by Andrew’s uniqueness, wisdom, Love and forcefulness.

      Yes, Andrew was in the anti-aircraft division of the Au Army. Whilst I wasn’t there to observe it, I have no doubt you were right that he was a “mischievous soldier”! Thank you for sharing that. Ilona was Andrew’s daughter? I am sorry that they were estranged for whatever reason. I am sure he, she, and those around did the best they could do at the time with all they were dealing with and the ability level they had at the time. I am sorry it wasn’t perfect. Life is like that. May Andrew’s daughter and all past relatives find peace and completeness with Andrew and themselves and find forgiveness, love, and perfection within the imperfection that makes the perfect balance.

      As one of Andrew’s brothers in spirit, I can say assuredly that Andrew Nagy/St.John wishes you all blessings, healing, and freedom from past attachments to what could have and maybe arguably should have been. Andrew wasn’t perfect, but he sure did his best to serve those around him well, as he also did so in the Army.

      Wishing you all Love, Light, Healing, Balancing, Bliss and Blessings

      Stephen Fry and Andrew St. John <3 @_@

      • Taru Hoogenboom

        Dear Andrew, Thank you for all the Joy, Wisdom, Love & Humor you shared with us all. You will be greatly missed. Blessings on your your soul’s journey.

  • Maree Smith

    Andrew, you showed how enthusiasm adds to the expression of spirit in this world. I loved your positivity, your authentic nature and your caring. You brought added humor, color and sound to the conferences. Light to your soul.

  • Stephen Fry

    St. John, you are a classic mate! Love Hu always all ways. Are you having fun yet?
    Still, chantin’ your tone? Bare to the bone? Transcend these blues, with the purple hues. <3

  • Beverley Byron

    Dear Andrew who changed ny life forever … always remembeted with fondness, gratefulness, personally and professionally … so fortunate to have at one time been a little help in spreading Love and Light to others through your amazing Rainbow workshops. Blessings always. Amen to an incredible man on this mortal plane … and a shining special place will always be yours. Sincerely,
    His strength and arms will continue to surround you Carolyn.

  • Sophia Sioris

    Andrew is that special soul that I looked forward to seeing at our annual conference. He probably doesn’t know who I am but his MC-ing the conference is what I looked forward to the most. Your quick Witt humor, laughter, voice and presence holds so much love for everyone in the room. You are a beautiful soul and will forever remember you. Lots of love and light to all your loved ones during this difficult time. God Bless.

  • Irene

    Dear friend Andrew

    I knew you as the pharoah . We had many laughs over the past 35 years.

    You were the MSIA office manager in Sydney and I was your pleb lol

    You also were noted for your rainbow workshop and doing ordination and initiations as well as counselling.

    You and several guys, Stephan Ian, Paul , Chris and Bob I think would play that board game down the hall after work. It kind of scared me lol

    I gave you a run for your money though, Talking about many cosmic subjects. Joking and teasing.

    AFTER you left Sydney we all missed you .

    From then on we saw you every year at conference usually in March . Where your master of ceremonies role was legendary. Your songs and style were great fun.

    I send you loving light to you and love to all close to you .

    Peace my friend

    Xxx Irene