Finalists in Customer Service November 2018

We are feeling excited and honoured to be selected as 1 of 5 finalists in this years category of Customer Service in the Moreton Bay Region Business Excellence and Innovation Awards. It is so nice to have our tireless efforts acknowledged by leading business professionals in the region. We appreciate the support we have been given by all our clients and the many Funeral Homes who continue to recognise our efforts by referring their clients to our service. Yet again we placed ourselves under the scrutiny of those outside our industry, and again we stand in the great company of those who also believe the customer is our business.

Moreton Bay Region Business Excellence Innovation awards

Award Winning 2018 - 100 Faces of Small Business (Queensland Government)

We were one of 300 businesses who put their names forward to be named as the top 100 Small Businesses in Queensland. We won the honour of being part of 100 faces of Small Business in Queensland for 2018.

The program showcases the human stories behind some of Queensland’s most inspiring Small Business achievements. It is an opportunity to highlight our unique business experiences and our inspiring stories.

Ours of course is a very human story that came about when Natasha Mary and Michelle Benton attended the funeral of an elderly neighbour and were saddened by the limited visual representation of such a colourful and interesting man. We decided everyone deserved more for their final farewell, and Tasteful Transitions was created to specialise in Funeral Slideshows, Photography, Videography and Live Stream throughout the Greater Brisbane Area.

Interview with Natasha Mary


Our Story

One of the greatest challenges for Natasha and Michelle is offering a product few clients realise they require. Operating in a relatively new market, Tasteful Transitions produce an online Memorial Gallery containing photo life stories of the deceased. We offer both, online Live Streaming and Video Recordings of Funeral Services to connect family and friends who are unable to attend on the day.

To make customers aware of their unique service, Tasteful Transitions has forged alliances with leading Funeral Directors across South East Queensland. Personalisation, and the ability to offer specialised bespoke services, provides the Funeral Directors with a point of difference for their clients. This relationship has served as our most valuable marketing tool, along with referrals by word-of-mouth from either a Funeral Director or a former client.
Excellent customer service is the hallmark of all successful small businesses, but in the Funeral Industry it is taken to another level. Tasteful Transitions, who regularly assess their competition, believe they are setting the Gold Standard for service, quality, compassion and understanding in Queensland’s Funeral Industry.

Award Winning 2017 - Moreton Bay Region Business Excellence and Innovation Awards

Moreton Bay Region Business Excellence Innovation awards

Successful Start-Up

We entered the Successful Start-Up Category of the Moreton Bay Region Business Excellence and Innovation Awards. As a finalist we were competing with other businesses which were all leading the way with innovative ideas in their industries. We decided the magnitude of the occasion of a Funeral Service, required no less than the attention to detail of other major life events. We decided to offer the same high quality product people would expect from a Wedding. Creating meaningful life stories to say goodbye. We capture on video those personal, funny and heart breaking stories that connects us and is often shared at a funeral. This with our Memorial Gallery concept and our Live Stream capacity was seen to be cutting edge and very innovative.

Entering this award made us take stock and evaluate our journey over the last 5 years. What we offer has changed in relation to the needs of families and what they need as support at this time.

Participating in The Moreton Bay Regional Business Excellence and Innovation Awards gave us the opportunity to have our business scrutinised by others outside the industry, a bit of an objective view, if you will. We welcomed this as an opportunity for self-examination and reflection on our journey so far. It also gave us the momentum to formalise many of our processes and assess our direction in the future. Winning this award has placed us under the spotlight in both our region and in greater Brisbane, and through this higher profile we see ourselves as publicly more accountable.

We believe this benefits Tasteful Transitions, the Funeral Homes who refer us and, without question the Families who receive our services.

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