Clive ‘Taff’ Williams

Service for Clive 'Taff' Williams

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  • Frederick Davies

    Didn’t see enough of Clive his mother gave us all the information about his life in the army

  • Frederick Davies

    The Davies family in aberdovey are well respected

  • Glenn Williams

    Major Clive (Taffy) Williams, was my last Commanding Officer prior to discharging from the RACMP in 1996 via 9MP Indooroopilly and 1 MP, Enogerra. Despite the many times I and others have shared a late night beer with the Boss, the conversation was always engaging and at a lot of times “Eye Opening and Jaw Dropping”, I kid you not, I have always and at all times held an enormous level of respect for Major Taffy Williams, his mere presence demanded it. Whether that means, you finding yourself standing in front of his desk on a Monday morning explaining yourself to one of the most enigmatic humans you’ve ever met or, having a beer with him whilst you’re still supposed to be on duty!. He wasn’t however always the taskmaster. I’ve never forgotten the treasured memories I have off late night (perhaps slightly intoxicated) discussions. Mmm, discussions may be overstating it just a bit, it was more like Taff talking and Us sitting around him listening and taking in every word. Taff had been there and done it. He’d faced the two way range and fought fiercely and bravely. We all knew he’d come to us from the Britts with somewhat of an exciting history. That stuff is still TOP SECRET today and will never be shared whilst any of us are still breathing. So farewell Sir. Your memory will be treasured by the good and likely dammed by the bad. You wouldn’t have it any other way. RIP Boss, CPL Glenn Williams, 9, MP Company, Indooroopilly QLD 1991 – 94

  • Anne Rowlands

    Our thoughts and love are with you and the family on this sad day. Rest in Peace dearest Clive

  • Jim Macken

    My deepest sympathy to the family I was fortunate to meet Taff in Lisbon 1972 a true hero Rest In Peace Taff RIP

  • Lee watkins

    Loving memory of my uncle taff….
    My hero in life….
    Sleep tight my friend…
    Love you
    Lee xx

  • Colonel Tim Grutzner

    Vale Taff. You were a great help to Marian and I as we prepared for our exchange posting with the RMP in Germany in 1988 and a good mate later back in the RACMP. Your service and lasting impact on our Corps is your legacy for which we thank you.

  • ceinwen davies

    IT ,WAS a lovely and fitting service,we will always remember the welcome we had when we came to see you which we will never forget maureen ,and tecwyn and gargi also had an amazing time when they visited ,Rest in peace Clive,xx

  • Allan & Teresa

    The sun has set on an amazing life but our memories live on to comfort us in our loss.
    Rest in peace Froggy xx

  • Kym Thompson

    I first met Major Taffy Williams at the MP School, Ingleburn in 1988 when I first joined the Corps. He was still British Army then, however on posting to 9 MP Coy, Indooroopilly in 1992, I was pleased to see he was my OC and had transferred to the Australian Army . I have many great memories of him and that posting, of Seamus and Jesse running around the unit together, of him transporting me from Rainbow Beach to Indooroopilly after a major back injury with him driving (me in the back all padded up) and him hitting a railway crossing at normal speed and being bounced around the back of the landrover screaming in pain as he yelled back “Oh sorry Thommo, I forgot you were there for a minute”, to him looking after me when I was sick. He really cared about all his soldiers, he expected the best from us and gave his best, and he had a great sense of humour to boot. That was the best posting ever and when the unit closed, it was a sad day for us all as we were family. I am thankful for his influence in my life and he will never ever be forgotten. Sending condolences to Maureen and his family. RIP Taffy

    • Glenn Williams

      Very well said Kym.

  • Henry & Pauline

    Having known Clive all of his life from a child in Aberdovey to the man he became, I am proud to be his cousin. He spent time with me on our farm as a youngster where we spent many a happy hour in the hills of Wales and we have kept that connection throughout our adult lives.
    He was a proud Welshman who loved Australia and when we met either in Wales or Australia it was always great to be in his company.
    Goodbye mate, it was lovely knowing you.
    Condolences to Maureen from us both.


    Thinking of you all at this time. That was a touching and respectful farewell service for Clive, full of proud as well as funny memories.
    Condolences from Auntie Gwen and all the Evans family.
    Rest Easy Clive

  • Pat and Chris Feeney

    What a beautiful eulogy for Taff. Chris and I won’t forget the times we spent in Australia with him and Maureen at their lovely home. He was a force of nature – funny with a wonderful, dry sense of humour and always welcoming, cooking us fantastic meals and making sure our glasses were never empty! So sad we couldn’t get to see him over the last two years but will look back on our visits with joy. RIP Taff and we’ll meet again someday.

    Much love to you Maureen from both of us x

  • Michael and Lynda Lewis

    Thank you for letting us view the amazing service for Clive. As another Aberdovey boy ,growing up and knowing Clive and his family, we called his mum and dad Aunty Betty and Uncle George, I guess we were cousins too! We enjoyed meeting up with Clive on our last trip to Australia and enjoyed his hospitality and kinship – one Welshman to another.
    Our love to Maureen.
    Michael and Lynda Lewis.

  • Moss family

    Aunt Betty uncle George Clive and joy were part of the family..we were cousins also from aberdovey…grew up together and Clive was an usher at our wedding.the service was wonderful and also very respectful gave us the chance to say goodbye.