Frances Newling

Service for Frances Newling

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  • Mark Jordan

    Fran was a wonderful lady who always saw the best in everyone. Her love for family and friends was unconditional. I have so many happy memories of times spent with her and David especially in South West Rocks. I won’t be able to make the service but will live stream it and be there in spirit. My prayers and thoughts are with you all. Love Mark

  • Margaret Hoel

    I have been thinking of Fran as this is the time of year we usually communicate and catch up with each other. I met Fran on a cruise around New Zealand in November of 2011 and we have kept in touch since then. We met playing bridge, hit it off and continued to be bridge partners the whole trip! I so enjoyed your mum and treasured her company and friendship. She had a connection from Iowa in the USA and that is where I live, so we had shared experiences from the get go. Fran was a wonderful woman who cherished her family, had a friendly disposition and a strong faith. She is now healthy and whole again and reunited with David. I will always cherish her memory.

  • William Davis and Jean Snyder

    Our sympathy to you and your families in the loss of your mother. Frances and Davis were second cousins. Their grandfathers, Arthur and Lawson Snyder, were brothers, and both had grown up on the family farm near Center Point, Iowa. Frances and Davis must have started writing to each other soon after they learned to write. A highlight of their letters was exchanging stamps. Davis’s junior high teacher was glad to know that her student had an international cousin. After our marriage we corresponded at Christmas, and with children about the same age, enjoyed hearing about their activities. We finally had a chance to meet in person in l990. We were living on the Snyder family farm in Iowa, and Frances and David visited us for a few days. It was a delightful visit, and we continued to correspond by letter or email until the last year or two. Thank you for letting us know about the services.

  • Lenora Dawn Franzmann

    I wish to extend my sympathy to the family on the loss of your Frances. I am a cousin to Frances on the Powell side of the family. Our Grandfaters were brothers. My Dad was Kenneth Powell, son of Arthur William Powell. On behalf of all her Powell cousins in Queensland, we send our sympathy and send you strength during your time of loss and healing. Love, Dawn Franzmann (nee Powell)

  • Peter Holford

    Fran was a great friend to my mother, Gwen Holford (d. 1999), and our family for many, many years. I remember at my 40th birthday in Armidale, one of the guests at my celebration asked Fran how long she had known me. She said, “Oh, a bit more than 40 years, I suppose!” When Fran was the bursar at Calrossy, she gave me my first paid job (at age 15) as a groundsman and handyman. I learnt so much working under the various staff and tradesmen who supervised me. When my wife Sarah and I came to live in Armidale in 2010, Fran and David were among the first to welcome us to their home for a meal, and did so semi-regularly for the rest of their years here. When Fran and David left Tamworth to live in Armidale (years earlier), my mother gave her a small brass bookmark with a verse from the Bible: “The Lord will always guide you” (Isaiah 58:11). This was the shared conviction of faith that Fran and my mother had throughout all their years of friendship. Fran had kept the bookmark all those years and then passed it on to me just before she left Armidale to live in Mt Tamborine.

  • Bill Warburton

    I was saddened to learn of Fran’s death and my heart goes out to Libby, Helen, Tony and their families. Thank you so much for sending the link to the service today and I did share it with others here in Tamworth.
    The three F’s, Faith, Family and Friends certainly aligned with Fran’s life.
    As the Auditor of Calrossy, never in Fran’s time as Bursar did I have cause to give a bad mark and I have always cherished her and David’s friendship although losing a lot of contact after they left Tamworth.

  • David Duffy

    Hi Tony, Libby and Helen and your families.
    My deepest sympathy to you on the loss of your Mum who is such a wonderful wonderful woman. Fran has always been a steady rock to support and guide and her influence will never leave us.
    Fran and David have been constantly with me since I moved to Dubbo some 35 years ago and their photo has been by my bed for most of this time. They were my family in Tamworth and have remained so since then. They supported me through the toughest time in my life.
    When you entered Fran’s house it was full of love, with a special warmth and welcoming that was such a joy to be in. Fran provided the caring ear, the words of wisdom, the emotional support , encouragement, hearty meal and lots of laughs. David and I would do bloke’s stuff fixing or building things, painting, talking about his golf, his next project or just enjoying a beer. They loved planning what to do next with family and friends. How could they help or share the special moments in life. Fran was the strategist, coordinator and the encourager to keep projects and ideas moving forward. She loved life and being active in it.
    Her life has been one of service, giving value to others with kindness, care, love, loyalty and respect. As a result she touched many people and added to their lives in so many ways.
    When Prue and I were married we had our honeymoon at the house at South West Rocks which we still talk about 30 years later. Fran had way of making special things happen.
    She was a great communicator reaching out to see how we are and what we hoped to do next. Fran loved to keep me up to date with what was happening in your lives full of pride, love and sometimes concern. We love dropping in to see her in Armidale when we had the opportunity and going to church with her was special.
    Your celebration of her life was very moving and a lovely tribute. She would have loved it.
    I enjoyed seeing many old friends on the broadcast and especially your families. I wish I could have been with you.
    Fran will never be far away and is a guiding light.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
    Lots of love David and Prue (Duffy)

  • Marlene Wilson-Budden

    Dear Tony, Libby & Helen

    I was so saddened to hear of my dear friend Fran’s death. Fran and I have been friends for many years, also working together in the Bursars Office at Calrossy School. I have many fond memories of our Christian walk together and of our children growing up! Fran was a wonderful inspiration to us all and she and David will never be forgotten

    My heartfelt sympathy to you, and may God Bless you all.

    Love Marlene Wilson-Budden

    Love Marlene Wilson-Budden

  • Ian Holford

    Dear Anthony, Libby, Helen and families

    Thank you so much for enabling us to join you today for your Mum’s funeral through the well organised live streaming. It was lovely to see the family photographs on the site, so good to see Joan Carr Brown involved with you, and good recalling the wonderful bond your Mum and Peter and Elizabeth Smart shared in leading Calrossy to a good place, lovely to see your Mum’s choices for her final event here on earth.

    She was an enthusiastic, dear woman sharing care and loving interest with every interaction of which she was a part. I always enjoyed linking with her in the workplace at Calrossy.

    Ian has good recollections of friendship and social opportunities across decades in Tamworth when Gwen was alive. The St John’s Young Wives group featured well in Gwen’s memory bank.

    Several times we linked with them in their Armidale home and at St Peter’s in Armidale.

    We look forward to joining in with the service at St Peter’s Cathedral in June to celebrate with others, your dear Mum.

    With love and good memories of a competent lovely godly woman

    Ian and Eunice Holford