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Funeral Photography

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How will the funeral be remembered? A funeral’s purpose is to bring people who are grieving together. To say goodbye to your loved one, so you know you are not alone. We are there to capture the moments for you to remember.

Through photos you will see who was there, the venue and how you said goodbye. Funeral Photography is growing as people want to remember the day.

Our Funeral Photographer

Will talk with you or a family representative to discuss the format of the service. We can meet you in person or talk over the phone. This helps us understand what you would like photographed. It ensures the important moments are captured.

On The Day

We will arrive 45 mins before the funeral or memorial service. We talk to the funeral director and celebrant to ensure they understand our role and your wishes.

It is important to us that photos are captured in a compassionate, professional manner with the utmost discretion.

You Receive

A Memorial Gallery for your loved one with the photos and slideshow from the funeral service. A slideshow of the photos will be created to a piece of music of your choosing. We will email you the link to share with family and friends.

The slideshow will be on DVD in either a black or white leather folder. A USB will also contain the slideshow and all photos taken on the day. We provide photos in a large and small file size.

The Cost

Funeral Photography of Service up to one hour – $480

Photography of  viewing, loved one leaving home or burial can be quoted when you call.


“Heavy hearts, like heavy clouds in the sky,

are best relieved by the letting of a little water.”

– Antoine Rival (1792 – 1868)

Italian Opera Composer

Photography of their world

When we lose a loved one they leave behind the world they created. Often a world we have to dismantle. We can capture their world before you have to start letting it go.

Photographing their house, car collection, the garden, anything that was their passion which you want  to hold onto.

Photography in the home from $280

Funeral Photography Brisbane
Funeral Photography Brisbane
Funeral Photography
Funeral Photography
Funeral Photography