Creating a Funeral Slideshow for your loved one

We make time with you to talk through what you would like to include in the funeral slideshow. Your loved ones story is built through the creation of a timeline of their photos. Mementos and items of relevance, value and importance are photographed by our professional photographer. All older hard copy photos are rephotographed by our professional photographer to improve the quality of these photos. Restoration is carried out on these new digital images.

We add the music you choose and in combination with the photos reinforces the feelings of connection to your loved one.

Once finished the funeral slideshow is placed on your loved ones Memorial Gallery for family and friends to view.

Funeral Slideshow

 You Receive Your loved ones slideshow

On DVD in a leather bound case and on USB.

All your retouched photographs will be on the USB in both large and small formats.

On your Memorial Gallery on our website for family and friends to view anywhere in the world.

Funeral Sideshow Packages

Option 1    $385

Up to 50 photos set to one song

Option 2   $440

Up to 80 photos set to two songs

Option 3   $495

Up to 100 photos and short video clips set to 2 songs


Your next step is to phone Tasha to book your appointment – 0434 347 764

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