Create a Memorable Funeral Slideshow
for Your Loved One

Slideshows are my true passion. Over the past decade, I’ve honed my storytelling techniques using family photos. As I edit and arrange the photos, I uncover connections between people, events, and family, which weave their stories together. I blend these photos with reflective images and pictures of objects or places to enrich the narrative. Additionally, I incorporate elements I’ve photographed and developed to enhance the photos and highlight special moments, creating a deeply engaging visual story.

                      – I look forward to creating your loved ones story in photos – Tasha

Highlight their story through
a timeline of their life in photos
to your chosen music.

As easy as a phone call…

Ring and book our professional team to create the perfect slideshow for your loved one’s service. You bring the photos, we do the rest:

  1. Select the best 60 photos of your loved ones throughout their life.
  2. Be sure to include Refective Photos – any places in the world, hobbies, collections and objects that held a special place in their heart.
  3. Upload your photos and chosen song via the link we will send you.
  4. Choose one of our Funeral Slideshow Themes to enhance your loved one’s slideshow. See example themes on the page below.
  5. Your loved one’s slideshow is posted on their own Memorial Gallery on our Website. This is free to download for safekeeping and to share with family and friends!

If you have an idea, we can create it for you.

Funeral Slideshow Packages

Option 1    $330

Up to 60 photos set to 1 song

Option 2   $440

Up to 100 photos + short videos set to 2 songs

Receive a $100 discount when booked with a Live Stream service!

Call to book now – 0434 347 764

Take the pressure off with a professionally made Slideshow.

Examples of Our Slideshow Themes

The Classic Slideshow

*Most Selected By Families

Gum Trees Theme

Red Rose Theme

White Rose Theme

Other Themes Include:

Flowers, Nature, Cars, Music, Travel, Religion and more!

If you have an idea, we can create it for you.

Call to book now – 0434 347 764