Greg Mckenzie

Service for Greg Mckenzie

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  • Kate

    To dear Carol, your family and Murawin family

    Heartfelt thoughts and love to you Carol as you come to terms with losing your Greg.

    I’m sure you will have a wonderful day celebrating Greg’s life with many beautiful memories.

    Take care of yourselves.

    Loving prayers

  • Susan and Greg Turner

    To dear Carol.
    We are holding you in our prayers and hearts as you celebrate Greg’s life and his unfailing support of you and yours (and mine).
    I am sorry we can’t be there in person – we are there in spirit.
    All our love , Susan and Greg (and our family who have known you over the years).

  • Kurt Gruber

    Dear Carol and Family,
    Our thoughts are with you.
    Thank you to you and Greg for all that you have done to positively impact our shared world and community. Greg was a great guy, and I can only imagine how many people he will be missed by.

    Kurt Gruber and the Worldview Foundation Team

  • cathy tobin

    Dear Carol

    We extend our heartfelt condolences to you and the Murawin team at this sad time. You are in our thoughts and hearts.

    With love from Cathy and the Navitas team

  • Sonia Lovemore

    Thinking of you all. Sorry I can’t hook in as I have a commitment if it is over I will join you. Keep strong all of you. That wonderful day of reunion is very soon.

  • Bj

    Dearest mum carol and family sending my love prayers and hugs to you all xx

  • Scott Single

    To Carol and Family. My thoughts and prayers are with you and the whole family today as you remember the life of Greg(or as we knew him Jezza). He was a great bloke and you are know doubt feeling a big hole in your life. May you know that he will be missed by a large number of people that knew him. From Scott and Kaye (Armidale NSW)

  • Amanda

    Dear carol my deepest sympathy to you and your family as I had only meet Greg a couple of times it saddens me we won’t meet again thinking of you all today with much love many hugs …Amanda zakia Destini Layla ❤️ may you cherish every memory and know Greg will always be with you .

  • Beth

    If only we had mobile phones or digital cameras when I was a child, if so then I would have 100’s of memories to share. Greg was family, he was my cousin and he was amazing.
    Tears flow as I sit and wait for Greg’s Live Stream funeral to start. I am so sorry for every heart that is breaking today. Memories will be shared and the impact of never seeing Greg again is real and agonizing.
    Always kind
    Always real
    Always thoughtful
    Always hardworking
    Always gentle
    Always there
    Always loved
    He will be missed.

  • Dean Fairall

    My heart goes out to you mate on losing your brother so quickly.I know how it feels. My condolences to you and the rest of the family at this time we all here in orange feel your loss

  • Heather Robertson

    Boys… I’m so sorry for your loss.. Seeing your heart break today is hard. But its so wonderful to hear your amazing memories of Greg and how much you all love each other.. Be strong and live with those memories.
    All my love to you xx
    Heather (Miller)

  • Leanne Levinge

    Carol and family, such a beautiful farewell for Greg, a beautiful soul. He contributed so significantly to so many lives and the world is a better place because he was in it. My deepest condolences to you all.

  • Lyn Kammermann

    This was a sad but wonderful memorial of Greg’s life. May you all treasure thlose happy memories as we look forward to the grand reunion in the sky. My heart was cryking with you all. Much love to all.from Lyn and Tony Kammermann

  • Jenny Wardrop

    Carol my thoughts prayers and love go out to you and all the family on this day, thankyou for allowing us to join in the celebration of Greg’s Life , I’m here if you ever need me sis.

  • Megan (Winkler) Clayton

    My deepest condolences Carol to you and your family Greg was a great man. I feel blessed to have had him in my life growing up he was a fun awesome cousin and he will be missed xx

  • Kieran

    Dear sister Carol,
    It was a beautiful service for a beautiful man. We’re thankful to have known Jezza.
    As a business couple ourselves, we really respected how you worked together and everything you’ve achieved. You truly had each other’s backs and that is something only the strongest couples can do in the heat and pressure of business.
    Jezza will always be with you in everything that you do.
    Big love to you and your family from Natalia and I ❤️

  • Megan Smith

    A heartfelt thank you to all sides of Greg’s family for arranging this memorial service online. It has been so incredibly important for us to be a part of this event and there is no way we could have made it in person. What wonderful stories were told and what an opportunity to put faces to the names we have heard about.
    To Carol, much love and condolences.
    Megan, Donald & Shay (from Hobart, Tasmania)

  • Tracey Winkler

    You will be forever missed you amazing man. I am so lucky to be able to call you Cousin. I have no words. Thank you for always being there Greg xx

  • Jennifer Duffy (Stacey).

    My deepest condolences to you all. He will be forever missed, may your memories warm your heart. Sending lots of love and hugs and thinking of you all . Love always xxxxx

  • Sue Williams

    Carol, Charlie, Ross n Angus and your mum n dad n your extended families.. What a beautiful tribute to your brother, husband and son.. my heart aches for you all as you all farewell your cherished Greg.. we look forward to the day that we will all be reunited in God beautiful home he is preparing for us all, where there will be no more sadness or tears.. my love and prayers are with you all.. ❤️ ♥️

  • Kiri Parata

    Dear Carol and family, sending my condolences to you all on the loss of Greg. What a fantastic contribution he has made. Sending my love to you all.

  • Rebecca Hand

    Dear Carol Peter and myself are so sorry to hear about your loss, such a wonderful life together, we are thinking of you. Love from Rebecca Hand.