Ivan Hollows

Service for Ivan Hollows

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  • Tim Millard

    Like many others, I’m forever grateful to have known Ivan. Ivan has given me many life lessons and the time and wisdon was invaluable. ivan had his toughness, but he’s also the type of man that went guarantor in a car loan for me 4 weeks after I started my job in 1990. He then said ( got you now you %%##%)

    Ivan has built a great family and my heart goes out to them

    I’m happy for ivan that he’s resting in peace now

  • Meg Chua

    It was an honor to have met Ivan, he is very nice and warm to welcome me into the family. It is sad to know that he isnt here physically anymore but for sure he will be looking over us. I’m thankful to him for raising such a good children and i admire how he built his family. I remember the first time i met him, he told me a lot of stories and even willing to give me one of his chinese recipe book. He is a wonderful man, funny and full of wisdom, he sometimes look grumpy and serious but wait til he smiles at you surely comes from his heart. I couldnt forget what he told me, He said that WE ARE ALL EARTHLINGS, that we are equally created, that the world would be much a better place if there is none who feel or think is above the other. I admire him for that. I know he is in a good place right now, just exactly where he believes he will be. My heart and thoughts goes out to Hollows family.

  • tracy hollows

    Lovely service, thinking of you all, Love Tracy

  • Elizabeth Trevan

    Well done Team Ivan, in creating such a personal and special tribute to an unforgettable human. It was great to feel part of it from afar. Sending all the Hollows Clan love and best wishes.

  • Jo McGuinness

    The first time we ever went to Australia for a holiday and to see Vicki and family, we stayed at Ivan and Bridget’s place in Brisbane the first night, we had a fantastic night and they certainly made Kerry , the girls and I feel very welcome, we were certainly hung over the next day that’s for sure.
    That was a lovely service you had for Ivan.
    Love Jo and Kerry McGuinness

  • Patrick. Maltais

    A really nice humble service for a larger than life presence (now past).
    Your pa would be pleased mike and kerry in how you handled your roles in this service. Nicely done:)
    May the pelicans rejuvenate Ivans presence from time to time for you all….