Jack Atkinson

Service for Jack Atkinson

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  • Kobie McGovern

    I couldn’t attend but I wish I could so very bad. I’m jacks old best friend from grade 7 onwards a few years, my names Kobie McGovern. I have so many good memories of jack like having nerf wars at his house, trickatreating and getting told off by his father for staying out too late which I think fondly on, he was so passionate about the army and always said he was excited to join, his knowledge always impressed me. He was a great friend and is an excellent man and I know many would agree. I now just hope hope his family can heal and I’m so sorry, there really isn’t any words.. all the love I can send, Kobie.

  • Andrew Cassidy

    I wish I could of attended but I couldn’t. I am Alex’s older brother and I knew jack quite well. What jack did for my little brother when he was going through a different time I could never repay. Jack was such a kind and loving person and I wish I could tell him how much I appreciated his friendship one more time.
    Rest easy mate, I love you.