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Julie Simpson's Life in Pictures

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  • Bev

    Julie, a matriarch of ‘person centred planning’. I learned so much from you, which changed the trajectory of my son’s life and, by extension, that of many other sons and daughters. Thank you for elevating the voice of families, and for believing in me as I sought to uphold your vision. Job well done.

  • Carol Thorne

    You all should be so proud of your mother, Mother-in-law, Grandmother, she has achieved so much and has changed so many lives.
    She was a visionary within the Disability field she will be missed, but her work will continue to live on.

    I have learnt so much from her, we shared many assignments together and happy, sad and challenging times in our journeys with our families.

    Our beliefs in our family members with additional needs deserve a good life, not a controlled service life. We both achieved this and encourage others along the way.

    Julie was a strong individual but honest and fair person; she will be sadly missed but not forgotten.

    She was so proud of her family talked about them often.

    Thank you, Juile, for all you have given me and also to your family.

    Blessings Julie go with the angels

  • Branka Dakic Carter

    Julie was an inspirational leader whose compassion and wisdom touched all of us deeply. She taught me so much, and her influence will remain with me always. She will be greatly missed.

    Warm regards, Branka

  • Semah Mokak-Wischki

    Julie your helping hand to other mothers and parents was appreciated so much.Your tenacity strenghth and support helped many of us to keep going when we thought we could not go on.
    A leader with a strong vision and a strong heart who cared so much for many.
    Rest in peace now . Everything will be o.k

  • Ray Murray

    Julie Simpson was a ‘Bright Star’ in the field of empowering parents and families of individuals with a disability. Her remarkable intelligence was always searching for better, more authentic ways for an individual to have the type of ‘good’ life they would have chosen for her or himself.

    The training that package Julie developed called ‘Pathways to Possibilities’ was a reflection of a positive way she envisaged for giving support. Julie delivered this training at our invitation both at the National Institute for Intellectual Disability, Trinity College, Dublin and at the Centre for Disability Studies, University of Sydney. For participants this training was frequently life changing – both for the person with the disability and for their ‘ally’ who gave the support.

    We first met Julie when she visited the Centre for Special Education at Auckland College of Education and where she subsequently enrolled for the degree, Bachelor of Social Services (Human Services).

    We met many times with Julie in the years that followed her degree graduation where she always shared with great excitement and enthusiasm new ideas, practices and theories. We learned so much from Julie.

    She will be sorely missed.

    Ray Murray
    Formerly Associate Dean, Centre for Special Education, Auckland College of Education

    Professor Emerita Patricia O’Brien AM, University of Sydney.

  • Bobbie Bright

    My dearest Julie

    We always knew we were soulmates and I’ll be forever sad that I didn’t see you before you became an angel. But you knew why, and you kept quiet about your own illness, and respected me instead.

    We have known each other for a long time. More recently, I loved working with you! Such fun we had in those workshops: Your energy, the way you seized issues and listened hard to grapple with the way things might be for people; your faithfulness. I will never forget you, Julie. Ever.

    Much love.

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