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  • Bob & Helen Braithwaite

    Our condolences to Shirl and family.
    RIP Keith – as Singapore Air Traffic control once instructed you – “Follow the greens”

  • Rod Miller

    I loved the raucous laughter coming from the TAA crew room whenever Kieth was ‘working’. he would have everyone in ‘stitches’ before we went flying, which was a great way to be and was very seldom repeated in other crew rooms after wards.
    Kieth was a ‘rock’ in 1989 as the pilots gathered at the Eltham Rugby Club for BBQs and beers. he helped those he could and kept others enthused about making a life after Australian Airlines. He was the ultimate optimist and passed that optimism on to us all.

    • Gavin Spann

      Condolences to your Family, my mother Nola Spann knew Keith well. I remember Keith telling me where my great mother was buried at the Beenleigh cemetery at Nola’s funeral 2 yrs ago RIP Keith

  • Garry Honour

    To Shirley and family of this remarkable and unforgettable Aviation Legend, we share your sorrow deeply. We who were flying with Singapore Airlines at the time, will never forget that amazing moment in history when Keith’s B747 parked on the South Cross overhead the East Coast Parkway at the conclusion of Keith’s Retirement Flight. The unforgettable scene of Keith climbing from the overhead hatch to perch on the rim on the roof of the aircarft while the unsuspecting customers below patiently waited to arrive at the gate. It must have been an incredulous scene to drivers and passengers in vehicles passing the ECP at the time. This was by far the most fitting Farewell ever witnessed in Aviation – Ever !
    From ATC “Cleared for a Radke One Departure Safe Landing at final destination”.

  • Bob Moloney

    Our condolences Shirley and family.
    Rip Keith, we are privileged for knowing you. I know all our mutual friends from Kangaroo Ground think the same. Bob and Ann Moloney.

  • Greg Walker

    A great man. I’ll miss him.

  • Keith Radke

    Our prayers go out to Shirley and all the family as you say your farewells … Keith is and will always be an inspiration

  • Bill Chalmers

    Keith, a great bloke, highly respected pilot and will be missed.

  • Keith Radke

    Our prayers go out to Shirley and all the family as you say your farewells … Keith is, and will always be, an inspiration.

  • Pat Harrington

    “Goodbye, Keith! You will be missed by all.” – Pat Harrington.

  • Judy Thomas

    Shirley, my Graham really only got to know Keith and you since the Airline dispute but he had tremendous respect for Keith. Graham flew for MMA in the mid 50ies and still had MMA friends up until he died. Keith was a one only, a special order and I will always remember his smile and voice.
    I couldn’t come today but watched the live feed. You have a huge family to enfold you. Let them. My family is everywhere but Queensland and I would have loved the support you will have. God bless you Shirley

  • Josephine Tait

    My dear Shirley my love and prayers are with you. I remember all those wonderful times that both Neil and I have shared with the both of you. The one that really stands out is the time we flew down to Melbourne with you both when Keith was taking his aircraft to Melbourne to be serviced. Keith gave the controls to Neil and boy oh boy was he delighted. Our great luncheons with the Retired Pilots functions and the same at the TAA 25 year club functions. Keith always referred to the Flight Engineers as the vital third man. Neil is waiting to greet him. Love Josie.

  • Russ Thompson

    Keith, an absolute pleasure to have known you since kangaroo ground when I lived in reynolds road. Our paths crossed many times in the next 40 odd years and finally at SIA. Yeah that final flight was sure one to go down in history RIP

  • Glenn Singleton

    Shirley and Girls, sorry I couldnt be there today, my thoughts are with you and with Keith. Such a great and lovely tribute for Uncle Radke. Keith was a great role model, support and influence for me through my formative years, and a great support for my family, which I will always be greatly appreciative for!! Keith showed me how to put a shoulder into a job at hand and to work hard to achieve what you set out to do, its no doubt he has influenced me to always have a number of tasks on the go in my shed too!

    So many memories come to mind of great times with your family;
    Nights and dinners in the Hay Shed
    the pit toilet
    the many games of hyaky at KG or PH
    Making mud bricks at KG
    Learning to drive on the John Dear as a small child after Keith would get the tractor moving and the cows being feed hay, thrown from the trailer I was towing
    Hay carting along with old Tom, and making the haystack perfectly to the plan, and being told you’re driving the truck, when I could hardly drive a car.
    Helping Keith put a toilet into the ensuite at KG just before an important family party as guests were arriving.
    Taking the 73 Corolla that we had just fixed together for a “test driver” from KG to Panton Hill with South Australian number plates that were not actually registered or roadworthy, and it had no exhaust and sounded like a Harley Davidson.
    Keith’s yellow hilux ute and Nippy barking from the tray into Keith ear with his window down
    Keith careering down the hill at our farm in the old Green Bedford truck with no functioning engine and little brakes, while we watched and tried to get out of the way!
    Keith castrating a young bull with a blade when he realised that the ring was going to be too small and managing the ragging now steer.
    Being giving cow hearding instructions and then further instruction and further instructions
    Its hard not to think of Keith even today when I come across some hay band
    Witnessing Keith questionably/attempt to play “terrible” golf at Twin Waters resort
    Lilo’s on the Yarra at KG
    The many stories
    The many cars
    Many shared adventures that are now our life tales to tell

    Great memories of a larger than life man!!!


    Thinking of you Shirley and the family. We are so sorry we could not make it in person to be there today.
    We will miss him when we come to Coolum for our annual vacation in June July and August, and our catch ups at the Coolum Pub.
    We had great times flying with him especially Allen (NOISE)as you know Shirley the stories they both reminisced time after time over and over again and laughed out loud
    Rest in Peace Keith you sure had a good and full life
    Now Free To Roam The BIG Blue Skies

  • Dennis and Denise Beckton

    Dear Shirley and Family, Deepest Sympathy and love from Dennis and Denise Beckton and Family of Bundaberg. May Keith Rest In Peace. Keith will be greatly missed by all.

  • Ani Hart

    Dear Shirley and Family – So very sad for the loss of you wonderful Husband and Dad – Keith. He leaves a huge gap in the Aviation Family. Deepest Sympathy…Rest in Peace Keith..Missed by so many…..

  • david and andrea sefton

    to all of the radkes it was really sad news to hear about keith, he was such a funny bloke the sefton loved going to kg and playing chasey in the hay in the shed before your house was built, and have youth group there, and getting the spotlight out and flashing keiths plane when he was coming into melb.he will be really sadly missed love to you all from david and andrea sefton.

  • Philip Westbury

    Dear Mrs Radke,

    My sincere condolences to you and your family on the passing of Keith.
    Keith was truly “one of a kind” and made a last impression on anyone who met him!

    Do you recall our pilgrimage to Gallopili for ANZAC day in 1995? It was a wonderful trip and I feel privileged to have shared it with you and Keith.

    I am still flying these days…..but flying the B747 with Keith will always remain the best days of my career!
    It was so much fun flying with him and he was a great mentor in the cockpit.

    Vale Keith – what a fabulous life and a great man. Thank you for your continuing inspiration in the skies!

    Yours sincerely,
    Philip Westbury

  • Helen & Mark Stolz

    DearShirley and family, It was a great honour to play for your beloved husband, father, grandfather, wonderful pilot and representative of the airline industry. May your family and our Lord Jesus Christ surround you with the sure comfort and hope, that we all meet again in His kingdom.
    Love and Best Wishes,
    Helen and Mark Stolz.

  • Kron and Jenifer Nicholas

    Lovely service Shirley! He lived a big life. Had a big circle of friends. Shared himself around in a big way. Had an interesting and big family. We are more than happy and honored to be a small part of our common journey since those days at Christmas hills and TAA.
    Love to the Radke family from the Nicholas mob.
    Kron and Jenny.

  • Charlie Rich

    A beautiful Life.
    An inspiration to all who met, and had the pleasure of interacting with Keith.

    Always “Family First”, was Keith’s core belief along with his Christian values, followed by “Excellence in Safety, in Aviation”..

    A man we admired, respected, and learnt from.

  • Shirley Klinge

    TO DEAR SHIRL 1 (ONE), our most sincere thoughts and prayers and disappointment we were unable to share your day to honour Keith. These tributes have been tremendous. May God hold you in the palm of His hands as you journey forward without your dear Keith by your side. The memories of 2000 will never fade, and the friendship made.
    FROM DAVID AND SHIRL 2 (TWO)Memories of 2000 will never fade

  • Shirley Klinge

    Dear Shirl one, our most sincere thoughts are with you and the family. He has his heavenly wings now. Will never forget the friendship we shared from 2000.Please accept our sympathy to you all.
    God bless David and SHirl two (Klinge).

  • Christopher Little

    Thank you Keith for your laughter, your inspiration and your love of life.
    My heartfelt condolences to all your dear family.

  • Helen Abercrombie nee Radke.

    As a Radke cousin I have fond memories of Keith and you Shirley in Melbourne in the 70’s when I stayed with you, Keith and the girls. We caught up again at the Radke Farm Reunions. He was such a memorable person and may he Rest in Peace after a life well lived.My condolences to you Shirley and Your family..