W.O. Kevin George Conway’s Medals

British Korea Medal 1950 – 1953

United Nations Korea Medal

British General Service Medal 1964 Malay Bar

General Service Medal 1962 Malay Bar and South Vietnam

Australian Vietnam Medal

South Vietnamese Govt Campaign Medal

Knight of the National Order of the Republic of Vietnam Officer

Cross of Gallantry with Palm

Vietnamese Armed services Honour Medal 2nd Class

Meritorious Unit Commendation US

Gallantry Cross with Palm Citation

Distinguished Service Cross


1946-1975 AASM Korea Malaya Vietnam

1946 – 1975  ASM

Australia General Service Medal Korea

Australia Defence Medal

US Service Flag – Gold Star

Pingat Jasa Malaysia Medal

Combat Infantry Badge US Miniature

Presented by Roger Donlon in Vietnam 2015

Replica of Roger Donlon’s US Army Special Forces Badge

Presented by Roger Donlon in Vietnam 2015

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