Megan Reid

Service for Megan Reid

Megan's life in Pictures made by her Mum x


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  • Ashleigh

    I miss megan’s tik toks I have followed her journey for many years may she be cheer leading up there looking down on every one.

    • Line Maiborg

      I miss her tiktok’s so much, she was a very big inspiration for me❤. I miss chatting with her, we did that two times and I have never felt so much love from an other human. She wrote the sweetest messages to me. Thank you for doing that Megan. Thank you for being such an amazing girl. And thank you for helping me, you didn’t thought that your videos could help, but it did. And I don’t think I am the only one. I think your videos was helping many people. I don’t have cancer, but other things and your way to live life inspired me to make a better life for myself❤.

      I send a lot of love to your family and everyone who knows you. You are a legendary soul and I am so sorry that the earth has lost you, but I know you are a better place without pain. You will always be in our ❤. You still help people

      • Rachel, New You Wigs & Co

        What an absolute honour it was to know this special girl. I will miss your quirky post and pretty smile. Knowing you and helping you choose your pretty hair for your special occasions will stay with me for the rest of my life, thank you, meeting you was a gift. Rest In Peace beautiful girl.

        • Natasha Behrendt

          Love and miss you Megan. You were such a an amazing person and fighter. Fly high beautiful princess

      • Allie

        I miss seeing Megan’s TikTok’s and updates. You helped people who may have been in the same situation you were. I haven’t went through cancer but my friend did and sadly she passed last May. Thank you for sharing your story. I’m sending my love to the family and friends.

    • Jenny Jin Young Lee

      Megan you inspired so many on TikTok. Thanks for sharing your journey. Thinking about you and your family always beautiful angel. I know you will continue to help others going through cancer. I always appreciate your content. I miss you so much you light up a TikTok screen. I would never forget that I first came into your page! All your videos are so informative on what happened and what you do in a typical day! Sending so much love to you and your family! Sharing your cancer journey is the most special thing to do. I will keep advocating for childhood cancer for you and I will definitely keep your family also friends in prayer. You have the hugest heart Megan and touching so much lives. You touched mine and so many on TikTok

    • Zeba

      Rest in peace Megan you was such an inspiration to all including me and you still are. May you rest in eternal peace. Sending love to your family and friends.

    • Liz Reed

      A beautiful ceremony for your beautiful girl. My heart goes out to you all ❤️

    • Julie

      What a lovely service my condolences to the family and friends of dear Megan may she be at peace and not in pain. I will miss her presents on social media mainly being Tik Tok
      *virtual hugs and kisses*

  • Julia

    I miss seeing Megan’s TikTok’s, they were a great help during my journey when I relapsed at the start of the year.
    My morning would always start by loom king for her new vidoes/vlogs.

    fly high

  • Abigail May

    My thoughts are with her friends and family through this hard time. Megan was such a amazing role model and showed everyone to smile even when things are tough.

  • Abby

    Megan you were and always will be a shining light for an incredible amount of people. Words can’t explain how sorry I am that cancer took your life from you. You made your family, friends, followers and most importantly yourself SO proud for the fight you continued to fight until the very end. I will remember you forever.
    One of your adoring followers

  • Ruby Marshall

    I miss my special friend so very much I’m beyond proud of all the work that we achieved together I’m so honoured to be a bravery buddies ambassador and continue Megan’s legacy Rest In Peace my friend

  • Suzie D

    Heaven has gained a beautiful angel.
    Megan what a beautiful inspirational girl you were.
    Sending love and strength to your family.
    TikTok’s going to miss your positive uplifting attitude and beautiful smile.
    Thank you for sharing your journey.
    Rip megan xoxo

  • Rachel Cooper

    Megan, thank you for sharing your story with us. For showing us what it is like everyday. For your strength and support for everyone. Thanks for sharing awareness for childhood cancer, and being a advocate for all those with cancer, and raising money from your wonderful stickers. I will miss your beautiful smile. Fly high sweet girl.

    • Shannone

      Thank you for sharing your journey with us all, it was such a blessing. I truly miss your beautiful face on Tiktok, Facebook and instagram may you fly high to be the brightest star. Rest easy princess

      • Shelley

        Our entire family mourns the devastating loss of your sweet and gentle soul Megan. You will forever live in our hearts and thoughts and your memory shall inspire us to be brave, to love and to dare.
        Always and forever gentle girl! We will see you in heaven Angel.
        John & Shelley, Josh, Harrison and Matt.

  • Taylor

    Rest In Peace Megan. Despite you’re trouble you would always try posts on TikTok. I’m very sad that you have now gone but your defiantly at peace. I hope you look over everyone. Rest easy Megan.

  • Ella Vaccaro

    I met Megan through social media, I was in hospital after my 3rd brain surgery and Megan always knew the words to say to help me cope… she was an incredible girl and the sweetest friend. I’m going to miss her so so so much! Rest In Peace Megan, i love you

    • Kerri-Lynn Galloway

      Be at peace now Megan surrounded by loved ones (Bailey, Courtney, and Uncle Mark) you were such an inspiration to so many people, regardless of what was going on in your own life, you always put on such a brave face. You will be missed dearly cousin. I know you are no longer suffering or in pain anymore. Always thinking of you and the entire family, you will always be in our thoughts and our hearts! Love you ❤️

    • Emma Millea

      R.I.P Megan I’ve followed you for many years on tik tok and all I can say is you are an inspiration to all us chronic illnesses sufferers , you’re strength and determination to fight so hard to the very end has made me believe I now can get through anything . I will miss your lives on tik tok but I know you are now at peace . My condolences to your whole entire family .
      Thank you for giving so many of us the strength to fight x
      All my love xx

  • Liss

    Sweet dreams sweet girl. Thinking of your Mt A family I loved watching you vlog your experiences on tiktok. Despite all the obstacles thrown your way, you kept a positive outlook always.
    From one brissy girl to another, rest easy Megan. You are so dearly loved and so very missed

  • Renee

    Rest In Peace Megan, I don’t even know where to start. Thankyou for sharing your journey with TikTok and been such a strong, caring and inspirational young lady. You have shown many people no matter how bad things are to be positive. I also want to send my love to Megan’s family and friends. Losing someone is always hard but losing someone way too soon isn’t fair. Forever 18 and will never be forgotten.
    Little message for Erin, sweet girl I can’t imagine the pain you must be feeling but please remember your sister will always be with you through the good and bad times. Stay strong, keep cheerleading and achieve all your goals. It’s hard but your stronger than you know. Your the best sister Megan could of asked for x

  • Racquel M

    Rest in paradise beautiful Megan. You are one of the one and only tik tok creators that I can recognise by voice. If that makes sense. Everyone else sounds the same but you had this sweetest most angelic voice that was so unique. I hope where ever you are you are at peace with no pain. Sending my love to your beautiful supportive family. Xo

  • Brooke Kerrison

    I’m going to miss seeing your beautiful face on tik tok. You were and are such a brave and strong gorgeous girl and didn’t let anything get in your way you kept on fighting and took things in your stride. Rest In Peace Megan you beautiful girl and now beautiful angel everyone is going to miss you especially your family, friends and all of your TikTok supporters. Fly high gorgeous girl you’re forever young ❤️

  • Brooke Kerrison

    I’m going to miss seeing your beautiful face on tik tok. You were and are such a brave and strong gorgeous girl and didn’t let anything get in your way you kept on fighting and took things in your stride. Rest In Peace Megan you beautiful girl and now beautiful angel everyone is going to miss you especially your family, friends and all of your TikTok supporters. Fly high gorgeous girl you’re forever young ❤️❤️

  • Maddie Rose

    The news came as a shock. I didn’t want to believe it. I can’t believe she’s gone. I hope you’re happier and at peace painting the sky every day. I’ll miss seeing your brave and smiley face on tiktok and Instagram. Rest easy Megan ♡

  • Grace

    Rest In Peace, beautiful angel. You were taken from us too soon. You inspired me and so many others to live life to the fullest everyday. I hope you’re dancing up there for us. We miss you Megan

  • Taylah

    Rest In Peace beautiful I have seen some of your tiktok. You have finished your race and now you can Rest. I know that you have your wings so go fly and cheer hard up in heaven for us

  • Gloria MacIntyre

    May your mum, dad and little sister and family and friends find comfort in knowing just how inspirational you were and continue to be by so many people and communities.
    Rest in piece Sweetheart ❤️

  • Tayla

    Megan, I came across your TikTok page about 12 months ago & from almost an instant you sent off positive vibes, I’d always look forward to watching your TikTok’s, hearing of your passing shocked me as it did others. May you spread your beautiful wings now darling, fly high & fly free! You are dearly missed!

  • Claire

    People like Megan are what we need in the world. She educated thousands upon thousands on health/cancer using her platforms. She taught me more about cancer than any school, teacher or YouTube video. There’s always a fear and uncertainty regarding things such as illnesses. People don’t know what to think, what to expect, or how to cope with it. And since life is full of daunting things, I find myself getting anxious overtime, especially about health related topics such as cancer. But Megan gave me an insight I was to lucky to access. Daily, she showed us her days in hospital, and at home, and for once I felt at ease about the topic of illness. The anxiety went away, as did the uncertainty. Megan documented what life was like as a cancer patient. And now I see what it does to a person, to a family member. She educated me so well and her lessons replay in my mind daily. I know what to expect, I know how to support others dealing with it, I know what foundations to donate to. And it is all because of Megan. She has left a legacy of ambition, to find a cure, to support the ill. To be strong even in the worst of situations. Megan’s legacy will live on until the end of time. Her beautiful heart and soul will be far from forgotten.

    To her family, you guys are absolute saints. You stood by her with so much love and patience. I know things were hard for you all, to adjust to a new life essentially, but despite the hardships you stood firmly to ensure that Megan gets the love and support she needed. You are all the family so many of us dream of. The parents we need more of in this world. The beautiful little sister we need to be by our side. You are all amazing family members and I have also learnt alot from you guys on how to support someone through the worst. Thankyou all so much. Take it easy, as easy as you can. Grieve, cry, smile, scream, do what your heart tells you to. Do what you need to do. You’re allowed to feel however you want during these devastating times. But most of all, stay close to eachother. Lean on eachother. Surround yourself with love. You all deserve to get through this with love. Never feel hesitant to reach out. Someone will always take your hand.

    Megan, I won’t forget you. I can’t forget you. You’ve been in my mind all week. My sobs, my laughter, my love, it’s all for you. It’s so hard to write this. It’s so hard to watch this service. But at the same time, I’m so grateful I’m here today. Because you left such a long lasting impact on my life that no one else has ever before. Thankyou for saving my life. Thankyou for saving other lives. Thankyou. Use your beautiful wings and fly to the highest of heights. Everyday, for the rest of my time, you will be in my thoughts. And the thoughts of thousands of others. Rest in paradise Megan.❤

  • Alaurah Pinder

    As we all know Megan was such a beautiful, smart, assertive, strong & brave young lady. She impacted many of us through her social media and she taught us all so much. I was fortunate enough to be a moderator for her tiktok lives and it was such an honour to help her even just a small amount. Im thinking of all of her loved ones.

  • Sareena Weir

    Rest in peace angle will be missed by lots of people and family no more pain gone but never forgotten angle gonna missed ur tictoks we love you

  • Ella

    Thank you for being such a wonderful friend. I know we didn’t know each other for a long time but you brought so much light and support into my life. I miss you every day and will continue to forever. Sending all my love to your family. You are a beautiful soul.

  • Casey and Alex Semrow

    Megan was such an inspiration to so many. I feel so lucky to call her my cousin. To Uncle Bryan, Aunt Trina, and Erin; we are sending you all of our love and healing thoughts. I know my Dad and Courtney were there to greet Megan with open arms.

  • Channie

    I will forever hold close the memories I have with Megan, from the first cheer training that I met her when she was on the SA flyers to the last competition that I saw her at supporting Outlaws. She was a true inspiration for all, especially me. Lots of love to everyone that knew Megan in anyway. And especially lots of love to her family. She will forever be missed xx

    Rest In Peace Megan xx

  • Michelle Maciejewski

    Our love to Megan’s family.
    Such a beautiful soul taken too soon.
    I am still very much lost for words.
    Sending my love xx

  • Barbara Betts

    My condolences to you and your family I didn’t Megan however I know Tino my prayers are with you all today

  • Peta

    Megan, You have and will continue to inspire others simply because of the person you are. Thankyou for being brave enough to share your journey; now it is time for your to shine from above over those who love you.

    Trina, Brian and Erin, I’m so very sorry for your loss and may your sweet angel Megan I wish you peace, comfort and strength to go through the dark days up ahead, and may the emptiness in your heart be filled again with love from those around you.

  • Ashleigh Matthews

    RIP Megan and my deepest condolences to the family. Loved a child is a grief like no other xx

  • Lauren Rachelle Meagher

    I may of not know Megan in person but followed her journey on Tiktok. May she rest in peace. Prays for Megan family and friends

    • Emine Turkyilmaz

      Megan Reid, What can I say I never got the honour to meet you face to face but your glow and your beauty and resilience in every video plus your positivity made you shine above most. Gentle Kind Hearted soul you will be missed dearly and my heart goes out to your beautiful parents and beautiful little sister. Hope you rest in beautiful paradise now angel girl

  • Jess

    Rest in paradise dear Megan! What a beautiful service for a beautiful person! I will miss your tic tocs and your happy cheerful self. Gone but never ever forgotten.

  • Jeanette Muscat

    Dear Trina, Brian and Erin,

    Thinking of you all and sending love.

    No words will remove the pain, indeed.

    Beautiful service for a beautiful girl.

    Love, JB, Pauly and the spoilt brown dog.

  • tahlia millbank

    i still can’t believe she’s gone i miss her tiktok’s so much she was such a beautiful girl she will forever be loved and missed my heart goes out to her family and friends

  • Kosta Papagianopoulos

    My Condolences to you and your family . Megan will be forever be in my thoughts and prayers she was an amazing young girl and will be forever in my heart. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Jo

    A beautiful service for a beautiful girl. I will miss seeing Megan on tik tok. Sending love and support to her family RIP Megan

  • Mikayla Davey

    What a privilege it was to follow your journey. Thank you for sharing your life with us. I am glad that it came to a gentle close with your loved ones at your side. May you Rest In Peace in Heaven, dear Megan.

  • Keryn Nettle

    Sending love and strength. It was a beautiful service and celebration of the life of an amazing young woman.

  • Trish V

    TO THE REID FAMILY – I hope these words bring some comfort.

    I could only be grateful,
    when I realised that I would rather have known you for a moment
    than never at all.

    I would rather endure this inexplicable pain of outliving you,
    than never to have seen your face, spoken your name.

    I would rather be yours, and you be mine, regardless.

    Regardless of the sorrow,
    the sleepless night,
    and the year I will walk this earth,
    carrying you in my heart.

    (Quotes from Scribbles & Crumbs)


    You lived a dream,
    believing in angels,
    something good in everything you saw.

    The time is right,
    to cross the stream,
    live your dream eternally
    in peace and comfort.

    (beautiful words quoted from ABBA)

  • Claire Grace

    Megan made such a difference in this life and her advocacy and charity inspired so many across the world. We thank and honour you Megan, and remember your beautiful heart. Thank you for the gift of encouragement you brought to me and to countless others. You have inspired and taught me more than I can express. My sincere love to Megan’s family, Trina, Bryan, Erin – my prayers remain with you.

  • Jazz

    May you Rest In Peace Megan

    You will always be remembered for the beautiful, strong and intelligent girl that you are. You didn’t deserve to go through what you did and it feels comforting to know that you’re at peace now and that you are free.

    I’d like to wish your lovely family all the love and kindness during this hard time. Trina, I admire how strong you were today at the service, you did extremely well.

    I will miss your TikTok’s Megan. You had a big impact on your followers including myself. You were so brave. Fly high beautiful

  • Annaliese Holland

    What an incredible young girl! You have inspired me to keep fighting no matter what and many others. Rest is peace beautiful girl

  • Allie

    You will be so dearly missed! Thank you for making a massive impact on the world in the short amount of time you were here…

  • Chelsea

    My condolences are with family and friends. I know she will be missed by many, including all the community’s she was in. Megan, you meant so much to this world. I certainly wont forget you. To Megan’s family and friends, please stay strong, Megan has left her mark on this world and she will not be forgotten. You can rest easy now, the battle is over.
    You will be missed by many.
    Goodbye Megan.

  • Tori Clough

    My thoughts,condolences and prayers go to Megan’s Family,friends and all who knew her. May God bring you peace and comfort during this difficult time

    May you rest in peace angel, you will deeply missed
    I will miss your tiktoks and seeing your beautiful face pop up on my screen. You were so positive in hardest part of your life and you fought hard with a smile on your face.
    Goodbye Megan xx

  • Taylah

    Megan, you were such a young, beautiful and courageous girl. Your strength, bravery and generosity was inspirational. You have touched so many lives and I am going to miss your tiktoks and videos and following your journey. We all are. You are going to be so missed and are so so loved. Rest peacefully megan

  • Lisa Joseph

    Beautiful Angel has her wings

  • Monique Armitage

    Gone but not forgotten, thank you Megan for sharing, my son and I sat in the Garden at QCH and I hope you understand that your sharing has made my journey easier. May the sunshine on you forever. My condolences for family and friends. Goodbye for now.

  • Anonymous

    My deepest condolences to Megan’s family. The world will miss you kind, compassionate soul. Rest peacefully dear Megan. ❤️

  • Alexandra Trandafil

    My heart goes out to your family sweetheart. i had a terrible accident and my scalp was degloved so I had no hair. I had asked you some questions about scarfs and you made me feel so much more confident in wearing them and wigs. I’m so thankful I came across your social media. I wish you knew how much you helped myself and others by sharing your story you where such a brave a girl. I’m thinking of you, rest peaceful and pain free darling Megan. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Janet Gagnon

    Thank you so much for allowing us to attend this absolutely beautiful service for Megan and her family ( especially Megan‘s little sister who is a saint in her own right) and friends. I shed tears for the family. I am only a social media friend and I grew to love Megan like a daughter. I always looked forward to hearing from Megan and her Mom. I believe today Megan is free from pain and cheering in heaven. God Bless, Janet from Florida

  • Nicole Douglas

    Megan was so inspirational, positivity, kindhearted and overall had the most cheerful personality. The service was beautiful, I’m sending my prayers and thoughts to Megan’s family without this difficult time. Rest Peacefully and pain free Megan.

  • Chantelle

    A wonderful send-off for an amazing young lady. Megan had a big impact on my life after following her journey on social media. Sending so much love to all of Megan’s family. Rest in peace xx

  • Amanda Granata Granata

    Rest In Peace Megan I will miss your tiktoks and seeing your beautiful face life after following her journey on social media. I’m so thankful I came across your social media. I wish you knew how much you helped myself and others by sharing your story you where such a brave a girl. I’m thinking of you, rest peaceful and pain free cheering in heaven. darling Megan. I’m Sending so much love my thoughts and prayers goes to all of Megan’s family and friends God Bless, from Canada

  • Zara Wozniak

    Thank you Megan. Your soul rests easy now free of pain. Thank you for being my light in a dark world. Your videos brought me peace, happiness. I felt so connected to you though never being fortunate enough to have met you. God may take care of you now in a pain free world full of love, peace, and warmth. We all love you.

    To Erin, live your life now not only for yourself- but for how Megan would want to see you. Embrace the good in the world and love those around you. May you be forever happy and at peace.

    God bless your family.