Michael Bill

Service for Michael Bill

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43 years I’ve known this great man, and all that time, I’ve never known him to get angry or had a bad word about anyone, except for one. (I think you know) He taught me a lot about civility with his dry sense of humour. Our friendship was for life. He wasn’t without mistakes, but he was humble and kind, and his charming smile was quite infectious. One day I will wake up, and I will think that this is all a bad dream, and I will ring my friend, I will hear his deep bellowing …..hello. Unfortunately, reality will set in, and we must all come to accept that Michael Bill has succumbed to the one-way trip across the land of the never never with the ferryman.
Farewell, my dear friend, I will miss you. – Fred Efipo

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  • Marsha Waggoner

    Michael, I love you & always have. I can’t imagine you being gone from our lives & never being able to call you or see you again. It’s times like this that life seems so cruel. Love, Marsha.