Norbert Ludwig

Service for Norbert Ludwig

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  • Ray Sinclair

    To my good friend , Nor-Bear . You have returned to the universal consciousness which you were born from. Your Earthly life is over but your beautiful essence is home.
    I will miss our robust discussions about the meaning of life, endeavouring to understand woman, literature, poems, music , philosophy and just generally shooting the breeze as we enjoyed beers at West End. You were one out of the box I loved your gold toothed smile. You remained true to yourself and became a man of wisdom ( mostly )
    You learned from life adversity and grew as a man.
    Love you as a brother
    Om , Paramatmane namah , Iti

  • Skye Hold

    No you have your wings brother fly high. I know that you were called home for a purpose. Maybe God needed his Harleys fixed I don’t know but I do know this that I’m going to miss you terribly. Hopefully now you’re with our other brother Tony my heart goes out to you, Anistasia if you ever want to talk to me about your dad please just call me darling another good person God has taken home. It’s not going to be easy without you in my life but I know what you would’ve said your words to me would’ve been well that’s life I’m still going to miss you

  • pam lee

    What a fabulous celebration of Norberts life,he would be extremely proud of you Starz you did him proud. Butch ,Anthony and I watched it .Love to all xx