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Grief is My New Normal

Loss of a loved one is one of the most isolating experiences we can have. Dealing with the grief associated with this loss is a very individual process. No one person does it the same or in the same timeframe as anyone else. Grief is so acutely personal no one else can possibly understand what we are feeling or going through. It is a lonely journey.

Grief 5 Stages
As the diagram demonstrates, and you are no doubt aware by now, grief stages are not a prescriptive order of the process of grief. This is particularly true in the ongoing weeks and months of grief meaning there is no one, or right way to manage grief.


For some people it is a journey they feel strongly needs to be endured alone.

Family & Friend Support through Grief & Loss

There are those who feel the need to have a safe person with whom they can express themselves. This person makes it safe to share their pain, their anger and their lack of acceptance of this painful process. This could be another family member or a close friend. This allows both parties the opportunity of reminiscing about shared memories and experiences. This can support and nurture us through the grieving process by maintaining connections for as long as we need to.

Grief & loss

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Professional Grief & Loss Support

A professional counsellor may be useful at this time if it is difficult to talk to other family members and friends, especially if they have also been deeply affected by the loss. A professional counsellor provides the opportunity to talk through the impact of our loss. This can be all the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ things we possibly are not able to share with family or friends. During this process we can even gain some insight into our responses to our loss and our fluctuating feelings around our loss. A counsellor may just be a ‘sounding board’ at this tough time. Scheduling times to visit a professional counsellor will be at a time suitable to you and them, offering some flexibility in the arrangement and providing a point of reference and commitment during the course of your week.


Grief & Loss Group Support

When the isolation and the struggle feel as though we are now alone and overwhelmed by our feelings, many seek out interactions with those who are feeling ‘the same’. This offers the solace of some ‘strength in numbers’ and the sense of not being quite so alone in a world that is moving on and seems to have no comprehension that our world has stopped!

A Grief Group offers support in numbers. A feeling of understanding, a sense of camaraderie, the feeling of being ‘normal’ in a world that views our grief as difficult and prolonged, and a sense of belonging and being part of a very unique club.

A group whose sole purpose it to encourage you to share all the memories and the struggles with a set of people who seem to have a far deeper understanding because of their shared sense of loss.

A group of similarly isolated people who can support each other through the bonds of shared grief can provide a powerful network outside the group setting when we have all those other tough moments in our everyday life.

A group offering structure and a sense of security through its consistent and reliable nature; same people, same time, same place, same day each week. The kind of structure we often feel is missing when we have lost someone whose lives are intricately interwoven with ours.

The Northside Grief Group Aims

  • Establish an informal safe and supportive space;
  • To connect a bereaved individual to a like-minded group and to connect the group to the individuals;
  • Recognise we are all in ‘the same boat’ facing similar life challenges in our grief;
  • Validate connections with others who can uniquely understand our distress;
  • Provide a sense of ‘normal’ to all the ‘not so normal’ feelings and thoughts at this time;
  • Share time with people who are ’walking in the same shoes’ and have a greater understanding of life’s difficulties at this time;
  • Provide the opportunity to give and receive support, understanding and comfort;
  • Offer a forum for sharing information about coping and managing grief through listening to experiences of others;
  • Provide an opportunity for reflection as we move forward on the path of grief;
  • Provide an opportunity to feel encouraged and hopeful that it ‘will get better’ through observing the progress of others;
grief ang loss

As our work bought us into contact with more grieving and distressed families we became increasingly aware of how much they all had in common and how much they had to offer each other. We decided to establish a group where they could connect with each other and offer and receive some comfort and solace during this distressing time in their lives.


If you would like more information regarding Northside Grief Group please phone Tasha Mary – 043 434 7764

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