Music helps you tap into your Heart

Music plays an important part in most of our lives. It moves us and facilitates the type of communication that goes beyond words. Music enables meanings to be shared that often do not require words. Our relationship to the music chosen for funerals and memorials and how that connects us to our loved one can be vastly different, and individual experiences for us all. However, no matter what the music, it has the amazing capacity to connect us all at this very sad and emotional time.

It’s Personal

Each person has their own experience of your loved one. Each person has their own experience of the photos and the music, consequently, the significance of the memories and feelings for each person is always very individual and personal. When the music that was significant to your loved one is combined with photos of all life’s little and big moments it produces a flood of thoughts and feelings. When these are shared as a group this enhances the experience of all attending the service. This sharing, support and connection at this time will, even though we are unaware of it, assist our healing to commence.


Music has the ability to magnify the present experience, inviting us to release some of the shackles of day-to-day conventional confinements and experience our connection on a much deeper level. It offers time again spent with your loved one, a moment, a phrase, a season, a situation even a glimpse of shared tears, laughter or joy. This combined with the photographs trigger a sense of time and place that become another evolved memory, shared with different people in a different time and place. Music itself holds personal memories, understanding and identification of the unique place our loved one occupied in our lives. We can hear the same piece of music many times and each time we are drawn back to a time where its significance and place in our lives remain as a fleeting glimpse and feeling of another time shared.

Open Memories

Adding to, and evolution of, these memories, feelings and experiences become part of our complex relationship with music and the worlds of our unsuspecting memory vaults that are opened up for us when we hear that piece of music again – in the kitchen, in the car, at a friends house – all when we least expect it.


The power of music is nebulous and imprecise. The same piece of music can elicit strong unexpected painful feelings in one situation attached to one set of memories and something more akin to whimsy in another situation with a different memory. It can be unpredictable and at times our response can be quite unexpected. Love it or hate it music has an interesting hold over most of us and moments of our lives – one way or another.

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