Rosanna Munroe

Service for Rosanna Munroe

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  • Sarah Coombs

    Remembering the luminous spirit of Mum Rose, whose wisdom and guidance have been a beacon of light for all fortunate enough to know her. Personally, she imparted a lesson that has become a cornerstone of my life: the power of serenity, thoughtful reflection, and the art of releasing what we cannot control, trusting in the balance of karma to prevail. This precious wisdom, shared with me more times than I can count, has proven true without fail, becoming a source of immense gratitude. Mum Rose’s presence was a gift, particularly in the most challenging moments, offering clarity and peace. As we bid farewell, my heart goes out to the entire Munroe Family with deep sympathy and love. Rose’s legacy of strength and love will forever remain with us, empowering us to face life’s journey with grace.

  • Susan -Rose Schy

    To Eugene and family so sad for you all at this time of your loss sending you love and prayers Susan Rose Schy

  • Trevor Pennell

    I’m deeply sorry for your loss in our hearts and souls for eternity I’m shattered