Sam Cutler

Service for Sam Cutler

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  • Debbie and Kimberly norton

    On the loss of your dearest Sam, May the fond memories, shared adventures and laughter outweigh the sorrow. Love mum

  • Nell

    I remember driving with Sam in his bus, enjoying music and the open road. Mostly I just listened to him, telling me about his adventures, exploits and philosophies. But every now and again I would share something that was on my mind, and invariably his insights and wisdom would help to clarify and steer my path onwards in the right direction. I am so grateful for our friendship. Thank you, Sam, for your kindness, your wisdom and your precious heart!!! You are in my memories always.
    And thank you to Sally, Bodhi and Chesley, for making it possible for me to be present at the funeral, here in the distant lands where Sam was born.
    Love always, Nell x

  • josh agajanian

    What a beautiful memorial to be able to watch online from my home in Los Angeles. The speeches were truly heartfelt. Sally, as well as both Chesley and Bodhi did a wonderful job speaking in remembrance of Sam. Lucky Cutler was a special friend to me. We met 10 years ago in the heartland of America at a music festival. We then traveled together across much of America, as well as in England and Thailand, mostly with a camera recording Sam’s story and his thoughts about life. Although he was the subject of my film, he was my friend first, and his close friends and family quickly became my friends. I learned so much from Sam and I marveled how he could charm anyone from a rock star to a stranger on the street and everyone in between. He loved people, plain and simple. His spirit will endure through all of us who were touched by Sam over the course of his 80 years on this earth. Peace be with you Sam on your next journey, I love you brother and always will! Love…Josh Agajanian

  • Jackie Joy Buckner

    Well, I just stepped outside and I was greeted by a fantastic, full double rainbow!!!

    Thank you, Sensei Sam, for exuding and sharing your colorful generous spirit, your loving kindness, your wisdom and your wit. Life on Earth will be much less interesting now that you’ve gone off on your next adventure.
    I love you and I miss you.

    Beams of Lovelight out to Sally, Chesley, Bodhi, Jen and all of Sam’s extended family. Thank you all for your open hearts.

    Fare thee well, Sam…

    “One Love ❤️”

  • Martin Ollman

    I life worth celebrating – thank you Sam for being a friend, taking the time to explain for my simple visual brain and being an overflowing fountain of knowlegde. You answered many questions without me even asking them. I will have the fondest memories of the great times we spent together. I have a visual history of our freindship which is rich and I can’t wait to curate a collection and share. My version of a bunch of words 😉

    The service was great to see live and I did feel very connected to the event and wished I could of been there to hug you all.

    Sally, Bodhi and Chesley. Thank you! I hope to see you all very soon

  • Greta Gerber

    Wishing Sam au devour and sending love to the family he leaves behind.

    Love from Greta

  • Sally Cutler

    would you mind telling me how you got a link to a private family funeral to which only 20 people were sent the link as per Sam’s wishes? Thank you