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When you use or access our service you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions,  so please read carefully before committing to purchasing or viewing our product. You/yours refers to yourself, the client and/or your appointed agent and yourself the viewer. We/us/our/the photographer/the videographer refers to Tasteful Transitions. If you have any questions or comments about our terms and conditions, please contact us before placing your order or viewing the memorial galleries.


You agree all personalised slideshows and video footage is for personal use only and not for resale. By choosing to use or access our services, you are agreeing to indemnify us against any liability from a claim by a third party violating any copyright or other right of any third party.

In the case of purchase of our services any refunds for an event will be limited to no more than the original sums involved. In the unlikely event of a total Video recording failure or cancellation of this contract by either party or in any other circumstance the liability of one party to the other shall be limited to the total value of the contract. Neither party shall be liable for indirect or consequential loss.

Tasteful Transitions disclaims any responsibility or liability to any third party arising out of the materials you supply for inclusion in your slideshow and you agree to be solely responsible as to any such claim. Tasteful Transitions assumes no responsibility or liability with respect to any legal action taken against Tasteful Transitions as a result of any alleged copyright infringement.


You agree the materials you supply to us do not infringe on any third party copyright, patent or trademark. We reserve the right to refuse any work that may already be copyrighted material, or for any other reason at our discretion. By entering into an agreement with us you are stating that you own the copyright or have written permission to use the materials.

Loss or Damage

We do not accept responsibility for loss or damage to your photographs/documents/CD / USB / DVD or other articles when in the hands of the postal service or any other third party. We ensure all items sent to us will be looked after and returned to you in the condition in which they were received. We are not liable for damages, including but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental damages to customers photos, negatives, slides, videos, music CDs and /or other materials, including, but not limited to as a result of fire, theft, flood, natural disaster or war.

Your Responsibility

We reserve the right to refuse material at our discretion. Please do not include obscene/offending material.

Faulty DVD

All DVD/USB are tested prior to dispatch. Any defective products will be replaced (at our discretion) at no additional cost to the customer. There are no refunds and we will not reimburse any shipping or packing costs.


Be aware all commercial music is copyrighted and is allowed for personal use but not for publication on social media. When you enter your password to view and/ or download the slideshow/service you agree to be bound by the copyright laws attached to the music used in the slideshow/service.

Tasteful Transitions Slideshow

The finished product becomes your property to do with as you choose. The limit of liability of Tasteful Transitions for all errors, omissions, and equipment malfunctions is to monies already paid by the customer. No refunds are possible once production has commenced on your slideshow or service. Returns will not be accepted and any faulty DVD/USB will be replaced within twelve (12) months of issue.

Delivery Slideshow

We deliver your photo slideshow on line within a time frame suitable for all preparations for the service. We agree to return all of your photos, CDs, Music or any other associated documents in a timely manner.

Tasteful Transitions Videography/Live Stream

The Videographer’s judgement regarding locations and final editing, shall be deemed correct unless previously discussed with the client and agreed to, in writing, by the client PRIOR to the event. Any errors on our part will be rectified. As the Live Stream is accepted, by you, as a free extra, we will not be liable for any radio signal losses, wifi signal loss, battery failures, equipment failure and or material defects, which are beyond our control. When live streaming the service we are recording as well. In the event of wifi signal failure the service is recorded and will be replaced by the live stream camera version on your Memorial Gallery on our website within twelve (12) hours of the service. This will be replaced by the full edited version as soon as time and commitments allow.

In all instances all photography and videography is dependant on the rules set by controlling parties of the venue. This may include when photographs may be taken during the service and the location of the cameras.

It is the responsibility of the client to inform immediate family, venue and the person conducting the service, a professional videographer/photographer will be filming on the day. However, when filming a large group of people or in public areas it is not necessary to get the consent of people whose image is captured incidentally in the background.

PLEASE NOTE: As is consistent with all media production company policy NO raw footage taken at the service is provided to clients. Raw footage is deleted once the final edit has been completed and deemed satisfactory by the editor.

We retain a copy of your photos and/or video footage for six (6) months from the date of completion of your service. For Slideshow or full video of your service your Memorial Gallery will remain current for six (6) months.

Basic Live Stream/Video

The client who engages our services receives a downloadable copy of the service via Dropbox. The final edit is accessible to friends and family to view on our website when the edit email is received. The Memorial Gallery remains online to be viewed for six (6) months after the service.

Full Video/Live Stream

The client who engages our services receives a downloadable copy of the service via Dropbox. This will include a copy of all applicable photos taken by us on the day. It is also accessible to friends and family who have a copy of the link to view on our website. All funerals or memorials are recorded in full HD quality and you have full rights to distribute the video as you wish. All photographs are returned to you in JPEG format. The Memorial Gallery remains online for six (6) months after the service.


Payment can be made by cash or bank transfer. Orders will be processed at the current prices at the time you place your order. The price quoted for a basic service is deemed to be one that extends to one (1) hour and fifteen (15) minutes. Any time after that will incur the appropriate charge for extra time. This will be invoiced directly to the client at a time following the service and the availability of the finished edit is dependant on the payment of extra money owed.

Basic Live Stream/Videography must be paid in full at the time of order. Orders will be processed at the current prices at the time you place your order. If you cancel the Live Stream within twenty-four (24) hours prior to the service, this payment is non-refundable.  Cancellation notice earlier than twenty-four (24) hours occasions a $150 BOOKING FEE. Your filmed funeral/memorial service will replace the Live Stream within ten to fourteen (10 – 14) days of the date of the service.

Full Videography/Live Stream service payment in full is required when you engage our services to be paid before the service. If you cancel the videography within twenty-four (24) hours prior to the service, this is non-refundable.  Cancellation notice earlier than twenty-four (24) hours from the time of the service occasions a $150 BOOKING FEE.

CANCELLATION OF CONTRACT may be done, by the client, at any time prior to the event by giving WRITTEN (email) notice to the videographer.  The contract is not deemed cancelled until you receive confirmation in writing (email) from us. Cancellation notice earlier than twenty-four (24) hours from the service time occasions a $150 BOOKING FEE.


If you are not satisfied with the finished product and we did not follow your instructions properly, please contact us to see how we can rectify the problem.

By engaging the services of Tasteful Transitions, you acknowledge you have read and accept our Terms and Conditions. We reserve the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time.

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