Professional, discreet funeral video – live stream service for you, your friends and your family. 


Tasha and Michelle film the service from three different angles to ensure all aspects of the service are filmed. Photos are taken of details and important moments during your service. This will be edited together and will include photos from the day capturing all aspects.


An email will be sent to you containing a link to a Memorial Gallery page, forward this to family and friends to view the service. The live stream is from one central camera. Live streaming starts 10 mins before the funeral or memorial commences.


The video on DVD in a leather case with a USB containing all the photos/edited video. Having all the video and photos on USB allows you to make copies for family and friends as needed. The edited video can be viewed on the Memorial Gallery along with photos of the day.

Video – Live Stream Funeral or Memorial of up to one hour costs $750

Funeral Live Stream

On the Day

Natasha and Michelle arrive early to set up our cameras before family and friends arrive. It also allows us time to communicate  with the funeral director, priest or celebrant .

This provides us with an update of proceedings  to insure you will receive a comprehensive record of the day. We position ourselves to capture the best angles while allowing us to exit before the congregation, to capture the departure.

Our Passion

Our videography & photography will capture amazing moments of your loved ones service. Moments seen by us with a professional eye and an objective compassionate perspective.

It is very important for us to meet with you or talk to you before the service to listen to your needs and get a sense of the process and requirements on the day. The service is filmed from three angles, which we edit together with photos taken.

Families want different parts of the day captured, we can film the viewing, the service and the wake. It is hard to know sometimes until the day how much you want captured. Your needs are our first priority.

Funeral Live Stream
Funeral Live Stream
Funeral Live Stream

Funeral Live Stream makes it easy for everyone to attend

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