Funeral Live Stream connects all family and friends, making it easy for everyone to attend


An email will be sent to you containing a link to a Memorial Gallery page, forward this to family and friends to view the service. The live stream is from one central camera. Live streaming starts 5 mins before the funeral or memorial commences.


Filming the service from two different angles to ensure all aspects of the service are captured. This will be edited together and replace the live stream within 7 days.


The edited video can be viewed and downloaded from the Memorial Gallery. This will remain available and accessible to you for 6 months.

Live Stream Funeral or Memorial Service, up to one hour $660

Funeral Live Stream

Your Personalised Memorial Gallery

A personal page for your loved one containing 6 to 12 photos, where the live stream will be viewed.  This can be password protected. You will receive the link to the memorial gallery via email and text to share with family & friends. We can also share it to Tasteful Transitions Facebook page for you to share.

We can live stream from chapels, your home, your garden, a variety of  outdoor venues, grave side services, any where that has 4G coverage.

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