Walter Graves

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Walter Graves' Life in Pictures

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  • Mark .Murray

    Taking us hitch hiking down to Cornwall with Damian, Jemma, Peter, Liam and a Horny Road friend.

    What man would do that for a summer camping holiday? My Uncle Walter would. What an adventure. He didn’t have much money but we didn’t care – he didn’t care. Every day was an unforgettable experience. During our last week there our money had almost run out. That didn’t deter Uncle Walter. He had us picking blackcurrants. He bought sugar and bread and we lived on jam bread sandwiches for the remaining days of our holidays.

    Hitch hiking back to Liverpool was also an adventurous experience. We got separated in Exeter. Damian, Peter and I were picked up by the Exeter police and we had to spend the night in the police cell.

    Incredible times. Incredible Uncle.

  • Deanna Randell

    I throughly loved watching this photo reel.. in which I enjoyed with a smile! He had a wonderful life and always looked so happy!

  • Robyn Ryder

    He knew how to live life to the full regardless of the circumstances, and he taught his children to do the same.
    What a wonderful gift to pass on.

  • Faye Langley

    Lots of wonderful family memories with Walter and his family. He brightened our lives in so many ways. Rest peacefully ❤️
    Love Faye and Grant and family ❤️

  • Emma Hall

    Will never forget our time with Val & Wal in Levin. When Em & I went out for the night & came back the next morning with a Pajero jeep. Walter was adamant that whoever had given it to us would want something in return!! Very fond memories of our time with Val & Wal and loved this photo reel and the music. Sending all my love to the family at this time. Lots of love Emma & the rest of the Halls in Melbourne x

  • Stephanie Sigvertsen

    Sending so much love to you Val & Trace. Will always treasure the time spent with you both and Walter for Trace’s wedding. I have a photo of him feeding the birds. Beautiful man. xxxx

  • Bev Anderson

    Sending all my love to you Val and all the Family, it has been wonderful to watch the service from Palmerston North. Was lovely to hear Bill and Bing mentioned during the Service. So many wonderful memories and was so nice to see members of the Family. Everyone spoke so well. Our love to you all, Bev, Nicola, Rachel and William ❤️❤️

    • Peter Murray

      Thinking of you all from across the miles.
      Lovely video/photos/ music.
      What a Great life and a true Catholic.
      Nephew Peter Murray: East Africa.

  • gloria goodley

    Thank you Walter for being part of our life’s memories.
    With lots of love and fondness from Gloria, Colin, Marc, Jane, Sarah and all the family here in Caister on Sea, Norfolk U.K. xxx

    Always in our thoughts Val, Tracey, Mick & Georgie xx

  • Vivienne Cox


    Where do I start. I remember Walter mostly through my early teens, where our families blended together connected by our Uncle Maurice and our Dad John who became friends and all scoucers. He was the most exuberant person I ever had the pleasure of meeting. He brightened up everyone’s day. His wild crazy let’s get rich schemes, selling potatoes on the side of the road to doing something with tomatoes. In the early days he didn’t have much money but boy he was rich. Rich in energy, life and love for his family. A dare devil and one would say a little careless due to his many accidents and and near misses. Walter was Fun. He had 6 wonderful kids Damien, Liam, Gemma, Blaise, Declan & Jacinta whom we became friends as our families we lucky to hang out together. Whenever I think about these times I smile – some of my best memories. Good Times ~ fly high Walter and go say hi to all those heavenly friends who will be welcoming you with open arms. Eternal Love Xox

    • Karen Graves

      Lovely Walter what a beautiful man,nothing was ever too much for him, he lived his dream.My dad loved him like a brother what a great childhood they had together.

  • Louise Bollard

    A great inspiration to all who ever got the chance to meet him. Nothing was too much trouble when someone was in need. Always,fun, great storyteller, and always compassionate.
    Lovely to see him back in UK after so many years away and remembering all the happy and incredible adventures together.
    Heaven won’t know what’s hit it. Till we meet again, Louise and Kelvin Bollard (Murray)

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